Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Sanctuary

This has taken me a long time to answer - this challenge - because it's a 'Fuck You to Authority' challenge. Yep, Anarchy... I'm not one to do that much in my life. So writing about it is an uncomfortable thing for me.


It didn’t take much you know.

To over-throw the unit complex.

After all, the manager wasn’t doing his job. He was working his own side of the street. He was supplying money to his hopped-up ex-wife, selling cars on the premises (when he wasn’t allowed to) and not lifting a finger around the place when all Hell went down around at all hours of the night.
He never even called the cops out or stuck his head out of his door to see what was going on – that was what he was paid for.


I did that.

I was the one people ended up turning to when that gang showed up.

I was the one people really rallied behind, asking me what to do, what the plan was, how to get them out or ... well, you know.

And if you don’t, you’re fucking dumber than you look.

But let’s start where it gets interesting, shall we?
It was the dead of night when we were woken by gunshots not far from my place. We raced around in the dark, looking out the window to see if we could see who they were, where they were and why they were around our end of the unit complex – but they were dressed in black.
I could hear people screaming as they were pulled out of their houses in their pajamas – some of them weren’t wearing anything (sleeping naked as some of us do) or in their underwear. The residents and tenants weren’t given any time to ready themselves for the assault on their privacy.
“What do we do?” my girlfriend whispered.
“Come on.” I had an idea as I grabbed her shaking hand, “We’re not going to die.”
She followed me downstairs in our pajamas and I unlocked the door to the car port, opened the Pajero and we got in. I backed out, slammed it into the 4X4 mode and planted the foot.
“Oh my God, Samantha what are you doing???” she shrieked.
I ignored her, “Hang on.”
The 4X4 sped over the large garden bed, the roof rack taking out the guttering of my front door, and then I turned on the flood lights and slammed on the brakes just in time to see the group let go of one guy they were bashing and stand back, holding guns level with my vehicle – but not quite sure where to shoot.
“Who are you!” one of them screamed.
I didn’t answer as I revved the engine.
“You get out and tell me who you are! I demand you do this!” the voice shouted.
I turned on the speaker and took up the C.B component, “How dare you wake me and my neighbours at 2am by dragging people from their homes and shooting them.”
“You are nobody! We rule here now!”
I planted the foot and drove straight into the group of people with guns. As expected, they dropped their weapons and ran.
They thought I wouldn’t follow, but I did. I followed them all to the gate at the front, where it had been locked at midnight, and held them all against it with the bulbar of my vehicle until they stopped screaming...

...until I saw the blue and red lights on the other side of the gate...

...until the police threatened to shoot me through the windscreen...

“Please, Samantha... please back up.” Candice begged me, “You’re scaring me.”
I looked over at her tear-streaked face in the dim lights of the dashboard, “I don’t like living like this. I’m sorry, honey... I just snapped.”
Her cool hand touched my cheek, “I know. I hate being so scared you lock the gates here at midnight; and you don’t even walk down to do it, to drive down.” She looked out at the flashing lights, “But we have to stop this.”
I nodded, “I think I killed somebody back there.” I didn’t mean to.
“You did.”
“I’m so sorry.” I back the vehicle up a little and grabbed the remote and pressed the button to unlock the gate to let the police in. Putting the vehicle in to Park, I turned off the engine and turned off the flood lights, leaving only the headlights on.
The place seemed a so dark now, as I turned to her, “I really need help with my problems.”
“Miss.” A man tapped on the window, “Please turn your window down.”
I turned the key so I could wind down the window, “I’m sorry. They’ve been terrorising our place for over six months now. We have tried to tell you, but they cut our phone lines. And tonight, was the first time they killed people here.”
“We know.” He nodded, “Where is your care taker?”
I looked down, “He was the first person they killed. He lived so close to me. Everyone was relying on me to protect them.” I looked up at him as tears blurred my vision, “I didn’t know what to do.”
He nodded, “Oh man.” He turned from us as we sat there crying. He walked to his superior officer and told him the rundown of what’s been happening, “This place was supposed to be a sanctuary. I mean look at the gate and all... to keep out the bad element. But instead it kept them in, and they ended up ruling over the residents here. Tonight, she took matters into her own hands and did what she thought was her only hope.”
“Why didn’t she call us?” The other cop asked.
“Because the phones had been cut.”
“No... we did that.”
I looked over at them trying not to appear shocked, and Candice picked up on something in me, “What?” she whispered. I shushed her.
“Look this place was supposed to implode and we were told to burn it to the ground and we could move onto the next place over the back. With this bitch destroying any hope in that happening, we’ll have to make both their deaths look like an accident and report it as such.”
“Oh fuck. More paperwork.”

We looked at each other.

I turned the key of the Pajero, revved the engine, turned on the floodlights again.

Here piggy, piggy, piggy!

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