Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Garden

I got an idea tonight for a flash fiction and just ran with it. I hope it worked out just right. 


It was my responsibility to protect…

…to guard…

…the garden, and I couldn’t even do that.

Now, I’m here. I’m locked away in these large cells, left to rot for thousands of years – so long now that Humans have never known who I am. My name has been scrubbed from the records; and most of the Angels have never met me.

Father trusted me the most to care for his fledglings – the new Humans – of his new world he called Paradise and he left me to make sure nothing evil entered through those sacred gates. Most of all, I had to guard that tree: The Tree of Life. Now, what a tree! I’ve never seen anything like it. And yet, when the whole thing collapsed, I was blamed by all and imprisoned.

Nobody wanted to know my side of the story – especially not Father – and yet no matter how I told it, it seemed that I was at fault. Lucifer’s little pets were always the dreaded evil of all. Why wasn’t I warned he’d try to tempt me? Or was I supposed to be stronger than Father designed me to be?

I will never know.

But I have time to think. After all, I’m not alone; and yet nobody will pass the time of day with me because of my crime. Yes, this makes me the longest serving inmate… and so long I’m here, I will stay here without parole, because my crime was unforgivable.

In case you missed the hints about who I am: my name is Gadreel. I am the Angelic Guard who let the serpent into The Garden of Eden.

I destroyed the world as you know it.

If there’s anyone to blame for how Earth has turned out, don’t blame each other. Don’t blame your politicians. Don’t blame global warming. Don’t blame war, famine, rising oceans or the extinction of species… 

Blame me… if I hadn’t let the serpent into The Garden – allowing evil into the world – you’d be living a very different life right now.

Gadreel – remember my name, for I am to blame for it all going to Hell.