Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Saving Christmas - Part Four

Krampus knew something was up with the Head Elf, Barry, but didn’t want him to freak out when he asked him about his work with Santa; so he turned his attention to Mrs. Claus instead.
“Say, why don’t you go and check on that Halfling upstairs... I’m sure she’d like to see you – keeps going on about your gingerbread men.” He gestured to the sweeping staircase to the left with his eyes, “I have the list to attend to.” Barry turned to follow her, when Krampus grabbed his elbow, “What’s your hurry, sport?”
He turned, looking down at the black talon holding onto him, then the floor, “I’m in no hurry.”
“Bull! You made eye contact with me, and I could see your guilt vibing off you so fast and thick, I nearly didn’t catch what she was talking about.” He grunted, “Now, are you going to tell me what your problem is with Christmas, why you hate this time of year and where you stashed Santa and his friends? Or am I going to send you to Hell?”

Odin watched his dear friend fall apart as the last of their magicks fade in a flickering puff of blue spark into the darkness of their prison. He hated that this was how it was going to end for them all.
“No!” he broke the silence, making them all start, “There has to be another way out of here!”
“But how? We’ve tried the magicks... but to no avail.” Mother Nature’s voice whispered in the corner, “I can feel the Earth calling to me, wondering where I am.”
The Blue Fairy wondered quietly to herself: ‘Will we ever get out of here; wherever here is?’ then she looked up and around and found a window, where a scattering of stars were glimpsed. Without taking her eyes off them, she crawled over to the window, found the brightest one and made the one wish she knew of...

Mrs. Claus tapped on the bedroom door of the Halfling and waited for a moment until she answered.
The young girl opened it and smiled when she saw her, throwing her arms around the woman, “Oh! Mrs. Claus! It’s so good to see you!”
Smiling she embraced her, “It is wonderful to see you as well! Krampus has told us that you’re doing well?”
“The first year was difficult, but I’m finding life is okay... well, he’s a grump, but I can live with that.” She let in the plump woman and showed her to a seat, “And what’s with his coffee? He got really weird when I tried to make him a cup... yelled at me and told me to never do that again.”
“Well, Krampus will be fussy about the strangest things.” She giggled, “But really, I’m not sure. I am here on another matter, though.”
Her face fell, “Oh yes, it’s all over the universe: Santa, The Blue Fairy, Mother Nature and Odin are all missing.” She looked around, “Where’s Barry?”

“So, boy, are you going to be out with it?” he yanked the elf around hard to face him his eyes flashing bright red, “Tell me where they are!”
“Okay!” he looked up at the hideous creature, “I organised to have them kidnapped... and to have their magicks revoked.”
“Why would you do that to my cousin?”
“Well, you hate him, right?”
Krampus shoved him, “That’s just for show.” He swept an arm across the boxes of the list filling up his living room, “What in the Hell do you think I’m doing here?”
Barry looked at the overcrowded living room, “Oh... I see. I better put this right then.”

“You think?”