Saturday, 21 June 2014

Vengeful Bitch

He never knew what hit him.

Not until I came along.

But really, I knocked him off his feet… spun his head around and loved him right. 

He enjoyed me for me… and I loved him from the bottom of my soul to the end of time.

That was until he cheated on me with another woman and thought I’d never know.

I did.

He smelled different.

He acted different.

He treated me … different.

Okay, it was the same, but still I noticed the small things about him that only a girlfriend would notice when her man has done something wrong… and he hopes she never picks up on it.

But I did, and what I was going to do about it was going to make him pay.

I planned a surprise for him on our first year anniversary.  I can cook gourmet… and I mean, really gourmet.  So, I tracked down his other favourite red meat… and she was still nice, fresh and on the run.  It didn’t take much to take it down.  And the police report said it was an animal attack.

One of my other friends – who is like me – helped me get rid of the dregs that I couldn’t use.  He’s a butcher; in every sense of the word, and he was more than happy to take the rest of the stuff I couldn’t use off my hands at a price. 

Hey, okay, I maxed out my credit card… but this was worth it.

Then, he arrived home and I was dressed in my sexiest lingerie with the whip and handcuffs at the ready.  He dropped his briefcase and took up the large glass of scotch I had ready in my leather-gloved hand.

“Oh, baby!”  he grinned, “I thought you had forgotten.”

“No.” I smiled, “Come here, Loverboy.”

He put his filthy mitts all over me and I almost snapped his neck right there; but then, my surprise would have been wreck.  I had to play this out properly. 

We ate dinner… well, he attacked the wonderfully hot meal I had created.  I told him I had eaten earlier (which I had… the heart her was tasty) before I put a small amount of downer in his drink and he guzzled that down.  He hit the floor harder than I expected.

The glutton.

His eyes opened to me tying him to the bedposts with my scarves.  He was naked, so was I.  He loved it when I took control like this; and I could see he was being turned on about this.  And let’s face it, I loved being in control as much as he loved me taking it.

I pulled out the body paint with some of her blood mixed into it… and the sheer smell of it make my mouth water.  I grabbed a paintbrush and smoothed some of it onto his body as he sighed watching me lick it off.  His cock twitched and moved as I placed the container on the bedside table with some of the bloody chocolate dripping down the side; my hand enclosing his sex and playing with it… he was really getting into it.


“Yeah…” he groaned, his head lost in the pillows as my playing became a little rougher, and he squirmed on the bedding.

“I hope you enjoyed your meal tonight.”

“Yeah, I did.” He smiled, “Delicious.”

“Good.  Glad you enjoyed her… fully.”

“What?” his head snapped up, his eyes looked at me.  He had learned to take careful note of what I said and how I said things, “Her?”

I let go of his manhood and straddled him so he was forced to look at me.  I rested my hands on his chest, “Yes, her.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing.” A smile crept onto my face.  I observed him as he began to freak out; as he figured out that I knew about his affair, “But sweetheart, I know about her.”

Guilt flickered across his face, “And you have had her for the very last time tonight.”

“No I didn’t… I’ve been here with…” then the penny dropped.  I almost heard it hit the bottom of the very empty skull of his as his mind ticked over and he whimpered, “Oh shit, you didn’t.”

“Oh, but I did.” I nodded, “And now, you will never see her again.”
He turned an unhealthy colour, as though he was going to be sick before he be pulling against his ties, “You’re psychotic!”

“You’re unfaithful.”

“But how did you know?”

I locked eyes with him, letting him see what most men don’t, “I’m not completely human.”

For a long minute, he simply just stared into my eyes.  They were a lovely colour of green one moment, then turned a bright amber the next, “I’m part human, part wolf.  So, when you came home all freshly showered saying you had been to a new gym to try it out, I could still smell her perfume on you.”  I blinked and my eyes went back to green, “But then, I knew you had her every week – every night – you said you were working late.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

“Well, you know I killed her.  So, I can’t let you live.” I regarded him, “And you usually let me go to my mother’s house on a full moon.”

“Oh shit…” his eyes scanned the darkened room helplessly as I heard his heart rate increase.  Oh!  The excitement of your prey panicking… trying to find a way out when there is none is just hilarious when you’re the one who is tracking them down.

“Yes, oh shit.”

He started shaking… I love this part… but he had yet to see me change from human into wolf.  This part isn’t pretty, and I usually don’t let anyone see it, but tonight is special; and I was hoping to let him and his terror take on another shade – namely red – the same shade as my anger towards him.

The wolf inside me howled, breaking through my feeble human exterior.  I let it through happily this time.  I wanted to let it through to take over what I couldn’t do.  The last thing I remember before it turned out my lights was the look of horror on his face as the wolf ripped out his still-beating heart.

The early morning sun beat red through my eyelids as I heard sirens in the distance.  I opened them to be greeted by my friend who had found me in bushland behind my house with a suitcase.  He put it on the ground, opened it and quietly helped me clean up, get dressed and finally held me close as I started to cry.

“Did I do the right thing?” I sobbed.

“Yes.” He said, “Sara, I would have done the exact same thing if the person I devoted my life to had cheated on me… that the thing with us, we must find loyal partners; otherwise it doesn’t work.  And for you it didn’t work.”

The sirens were closer now.

“It’s time to go.” I stood, taking a deep breath in the chilly air.  But I wasn’t sure where I was going.

He gave me a set of car keys, “Here, take my car.”

“I couldn’t.”

“I have another with my wife in it.  She knows what happened and told me to help you.” He pushed the keys into my hand, “But, please just stick to animal hearts okay?”

“Well, until the next dickhead breaks mine again.”

He smiled, “Yeah.  That was fun.”