Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Life Drawing Class

She pulled into the car park.  Angie was very nervous about this.  She had never let anyone this close to see her true being without anyone being hurt.

She sat there for a moment with the doors locked wondering if she should just start the car, put it into reverse and get the fuck outa here!  Looking up at the building in South Brisbane, she watched as the artists showed their invites and paid their way inside, counting the limited amount who were allowed in… 20 that was the number she had decided on.  Swallowing, she licked her already dry lips, gathered her gear and got out of the car.

Mortals normally didn’t believe in somebody like her – as her kind were being wiped off the planet at a phenomenal rate these days.  But the half-mortal witch promised her over the phone that she had checked out each and every one of them during a one-on-one interview.  Livia – the half-mortal witch – had had an aura-reader sitting off in the shadows reading the artists each time.  And when she mentioned they were going to have a special guest there to model for her this time; and each time she mention the special guest, the pure mortals had reacted normally, but their aura had let out their true intentions, the aura-reader had emerged from her place and performed a proper reading to find out who they worked for, where they were from and what they intended to do with Angelica once they caught her.

For most like her, when they were caught, their essence would be taken from them, they’d be mortal again and they’d become suicidal and… well, you can guess the rest.  Or they’d become the slave to somebody on another planet or realm; seeing humans weren’t of use on Earth anymore; and were seen as too flawed to be durable enough to be tortured, possessed or asked to be used as a vessel by God’s True Warriors.

She pulled on her oversized robe, wrapped it around herself and looked up at the mirror.  Angie could feel the pull around her shoulders and she moved uncomfortably as the itchy fabric rubbed against purity.  The owner of the gallery turned on the heating and he closed up the doors and pulled the shades… this made her feel very safe from the public eye. 

There was a knock on the door and it opened a little to Livia popping her head in, “Okay, they’re ready for you.”

“I’m so nervous.” She whispered.

Livia stepped inside the room and closed the door, “It’s okay, they all checked out… honestly.”

She sighed, “Good.”

Livia left the room and Angie picked up her bag, her jacket and walked out there in a pair of socks.  There was one large room where they all gathered.  Easels were set up – as were the artists – and she stepped into the middle of the circle.

“What’s your name?” one asked.

Livia looked at him and the aura-reader turned from her secret place and read him, looked back to Livia and shook her head, “It’s okay, you can tell him.”

She nodded, “Angie.”

The owner of the place walked up to the edge of the circle, “Okay, people, you know the rules, no photography, no personal questions and no making fun of her… this is a special deal for you lot.  And if you all notice, you’re standing in specially designated places, as you mortals can’t be trusted to be true mortals; as demons walk amongst us in your bodies.” He looked at Angie nodded, “Okay, we’re ready when you are.”

She pulled off the robe and moved her shoulders as brilliant white/gold wings unfolded from her shoulderblades.  Her body was luminous, shining and beautifully muscular and the whole room went completely silent for a few moments as the mortals all fumbled with their sunglasses.

“Now, if any of you have any second thoughts or don’t want to be here, now is the time to say so.” Livia’s voice said in the bright light.

Nobody said anything.

“Start drawing.”

They were only there for a few hours, but it felt as though it was for longer.  Angie’s luminous skin vanished under the robe as she pulled it back on; much to the relief to the mortals surrounding her.  She sighed as her body automatically folded away her wings – as it had done since she was a little girl – and she pulled on her socks to go and get changed.

She had made $300 that night; as the mortals had paid top dollar to see an Angel get naked at an art class.  The problems with this kind of thing is big – massive – as the mortals will show their drawings to their friends and nobody will believe them that somebody like her was at a dodgy backstreet art place like this.  She put her bag in her little Barina and waited for the witch and aura-reader to come out with the owner of the art place.  He locked up the place as Livia stood talking to him about further appointments when the aura-read was about to reach the car… she stopped, looked up at Angie and – without a word – she used her powers to move faster than the human eye and stood between Livia and the man just as he began to turn into a demon.

“Dammit.” She whispered placing her hand on his shoulder as his eyes, mouth and torso lit up bright and he died in front of her.

Livia’s eyes widened, “Wow, how did you know?”

“I didn’t.” she said, “But then, you’re not half-mortal after all, are you?”

“Crap.” Livia mumbled shaking her head.

Before Angie could do anything, the aura-reader stepped up behind the witch, touching her on the shoulder, eliminating her damned soul – with the demon as well – to Hell.  Looking at the reader, she frowned as it vanished before her eyes.