Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Letter of Disappointment

Chuck asked us to write about Gods/Goddesses. I couldn't get to the computer last night - due to a few thunderstorms hanging around Brisbane City - so today, I had a good think over breakfast. I thought the Almighty would be a good person to write about. And he's pissed!


To the Human Race on Earth,

You know, being the Almighty isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. I have created a series of planets around the universe for you all to live on at some time – and you’re only just discovering their existence now?

Exactly what have you been doing?

Besides fighting amongst yourselves, killing off some of my favourite creatures (yes, the unicorn was a brilliant stroke of genius, but you just had to have things your way! And the dragon as well – trust you lot to hate something that could actually help you win a war from the air!) and you are systematically killing each other off as well with this thing I thought you’d love: technology.
You’re getting fatter, lazier, becoming bigger arseholes than I ever thought was possible and me forbid any of you ever have an original thought!

And don’t get me started on what happens to the good people on your puny, fucked-up planet I used to consider a Paradise.

I’ve seen some pure-hearted people actually go to the trouble of changing themselves for the better over a long period of time, only to have people step on them, treat them as though they’re nothing and call them all kinds of names and beat them up – mentally and physically.

This has got to stop!

After all I am your God and whether you like it or not, I can pull the whole damned pin on your existence and let Lucifer run the show for a while if you want... yes, he does exist and he almost took over what you think is Hell on Earth.  If you don’t believe me: read your Bible and find out what he was going to do to your home you all are so big on screwing over.

In case you’re wondering where I’ll be while you’re all screaming for my help? I’ll be off across the universe on a new planet I’ve been working on – a new project – that’s bigger, better and much more advanced than you squawking little rejects I made the mistake of handing over the controls to.
Oh... oh... you’re demanding an explanation of why I’m so mad.
Demanding – how dare you demand anything from me after I gave you everything you’d ever need to live where you are now.

I gave you life.

I gave you a place to live.

I gave you day and night.

I gave you water and food.

I gave you all you ever needed to survive.

Why couldn’t you just be happy to do that?

If you needed anything, all you needed to do was pray to me and I’d help you with it. I’d help you with your farming, your animals. I set up the seasons and which animals were best to eat... all you had to do was enjoy your life.

But of course, you wanted so much more – you became greedy!

I even sent my son to set things straight.
But you lot crucified him! You destroyed a man who was gentle, who didn’t wish for anything but peace and love and harmony amongst all men.

So, why should I save any of you and yours when your planet is so close to destruction? Why should I cry tears of compassion when you are all just in this for yourselves, for the bottom line... for the almighty dollar, for how much you can get into your pockets, for the biggest house, the most expensive car, the biggest television, loudest stereo system, for how many women you’ve bedded, how many tattoos you have, the most amount of land you own...

...need I go on?

You all have violated one of the Seven Deadly Sins and none of you can see you’re all Gluttons for wealth, for everything around you that’s shiny and pretty so you can fill your houses with more and more crap and not even think that when you die, your grave is going to be exactly the same size as the poor man you wouldn’t give a dollar to the week before.

You’ll just have more things to get rid of... that your family doesn’t want... and you don’t see how much this has destroyed my trust in you all:  my children.

You don’t remember that do you?

You are all my children – every one of you – from the very beginning of time when I created the oceans, the light and dark, the day and night and the animals, the trees, the fish... I still called you my children.

And like any parent, I still love you all very much.

But you have disappointed me so in the past two thousand years – and well beyond that as well – and you don’t see how much you have.

I have deployed my finest Archangels onto your Earth to work with a few of you; but many of you have lost faith in who I am, so you have ignored their signals. There have been only a few of you who have taken notice, whose minds were open enough to realise they were being touched, talked to and tethered to an Angel – but when they told somebody, they were told they were ‘crazy’ or ‘nuts’ or they have ‘an over-active imagination’.

This is really sad to hear from you all.

My chosen few of followers are quietly-spoken people who now go out and do good for people they have never met. They are people who do the charity work and never expect anything in return. They are the people who live on extremely frugal budgets, have no full-time employment and can barely get by; and yet they give everything away to those who have even less than they do – simply because they have a roof over their own head, clothes on their backs and food in their fridges – and there are people who are living worse off than they are.

And these are the people I’m looking at.
These are the people I am staying on this Earth for.
These are the people who have given me the faith to stick around and see how this place will turn out.

These are the people who are not into politics, don’t like fads, they barely trust anyone and yet, they get along with everyone around them, are kind to all kinds and will help anyone no matter who they are.

These are the people who received regular death threats, are bullied every day, pushed around, treated like crap and are told to pull their heads in all the time by other people around them.

These are the Human Beings who will be changing the world.

Not the loud, rude, crude politicians or the racist people who think that indigenous people have no rights, nor the people who think that women have no rights to do what they wish with their bodies. Or that animals have feelings too (which they do, but most are there to be eaten – that’s why I created them for you. In the beginning, I created cows, pigs and basic livestock to eat, not to keep as pets).

So, as I’ve been watching from way up here in the Higher Choirs of Heaven, I have received report after report of my Paradise heading towards what you all have coined ‘Apocalypse’.

Only I pull the switch for one of those – and have done that more than twice in this planet’s long, long life. I call it ‘the reset button’ because it’s something I thought was called for.

This time, you are the cause of the planet’s problems.

You took the technology I thought you were ready for – and clearly you weren’t – and took it in a totally different direction. You all did something horrible with it.

I’m so terribly disappointed in you all.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves for your actions.

I will not help you any longer.

Your prayers will go unanswered.

The Angels who are tethered to the Humans will remain to help only those Humans and none other – once you get rid of those Humans, both the Angels and the Human come home to me.

By the time you all realise what you have done, Lucifer will have taken over your planet.

You want a wrathful God?

You have one.


  1. Love it (except for the pets) :) I always like your stories, Mozette. I should be more diligent at reading them.

    1. Thank you. Well, God did mention that livestock are meant for eating; not to be kept as pets. He didn't mention other animals... so I'm assuming we can keep little birdies and rodents as pets - or monkeys. I'm only assuming.

      I used to be a church-goer and so found the way I was treated in my church horrible. It was either give up all the fun things (like rock'n'roll that didn't worship the Devil and read only Christian books and basically make my life really more difficult than it should be) or not be part of that church.

      I chose the latter because I believe that if you're a good person, help out your fellow Human Being, know the difference from right and wrong, can manage to keep your butt out of prison and yourself off drugs and boozing up too much, well, you're going to go to a good place.