Friday, 17 July 2009

The Connection

Davin sat at the back of the class waiting for her to come in. Elle was the woman of his dreams and he wanted her badly; but being dreadfully shy was one of the things he wished he could change about himself. Even though he was goth, he still wanted to get to know her. She was… bubbly, light. A complete opposite to him not to mention: a mortal.
She walked in without so much as a word to anyone and climbed the stairs toward him and sat down a row in front of him after smiling in his direction. He just signalled to her with a half-smile and looked at his folder with great interest. Why couldn’t he say anything to her? She was this close! Who’d ever heard of a shy vampire when all the ones he knew were so outgoing and nowhere near being shy? Davin had to work on his attitude towards mortals; especially when it came to socialising with them. He always felt like he had a huge sign tattooed to his forehead that told humans that he was immortal and that he was going to drink all their blood. Maybe it was just him being paranoid.

The class finished and he watched as she gathered her things slowly and stood. He noticed how deliberate she was with her belongings; how things had to be just so. All the pens had to have the lids on. All notebooks were put back into her bag according to size. She even made sure she had her keys and mobile phone about four times.

She looked at him: “What? I’m a forgetful person.”

“Not that.” He muttered, “You’re pretty.” He blushed as he stood, “All that hair is so…”

“Thank you.” She nodded then turned and walked away shouldering her bag.

Davin looked down and found she had forgotten her keys. He grabbed them, “Hey, you… forgot your keys.” He looked at the plastic address attachment and saw it was empty. Her scent was still strong and so he followed that.

It took him across the campus to the girl’s dorm and he stood outside it fiddling with the keys. But he found her scent was still around and looked up. He found she was scaling the drainpipe of the building to her floor.

“She’s crazy.” He muttered, “What’s wrong with her?”

Suddenly, he heard a loud creak and went to cover his ears but when he looked at the other people around him, they hadn’t heard it.

“Oh, shit!” Elle’s voice shouted as the pipe quickly bent away from the building, taking her with it. Strangely enough she didn’t scream like most people did; she just had a terrified expression on her face, almost like a wince.

Davin pocketed the keys and ran up to the building. Dumping his bag behind the bushes that grew flush to the dorm, he pushed himself off the ground, scaled the building and pounced out to catch her as she fell. He landed a little rough but he was more concerned about her. He sat her up on the grass: “Are you okay?”

Her eyes were wide: “How did you do that?”

He shrugged: “I’ve got cousins who are acrobats who taught me one summer. Landing was never my strong suit.” He pulled her keys out of his pocket, “You left these at the lecture hall.”

She took them gently, “Thank you. You have to come in and have a drink at least.”

“It’s against the rules.”

“We are allowed to have visitors.” She smiled, “It’s not like we’re at home with Mum and Dad.”

“I guess so. Thank you.” He stood and dug his bag out from behind the bushes and shouldered it, “Now you’ve got your keys, so can you.”

“You talk more when you know someone.” Elle smiled.

“I was trying to chat you up at the end of the lecture.” He smiled, “But it seems you were intent on getting yourself killed tonight.”

“But you were there.” She shrugged slotting the key into the lock.

“Elle, that’s not the point. I almost decided to give these back tomorrow.” He said, “Had I done that, you’d be hurt and in hospital.”


His shyness was coming back. Davin had to get over this problem. He was strong, but had never taken a human life: “I… would hate anything to … happen to you.” Damn it! Why couldn’t he just be like the rest of them? They’re so suave and with it and he’s like a young kid with a sports car! Dumb and inexperienced!

She opened the door and let him in, “Come in, you need a drink.”

Yes, he did. There were so many of them to pick from. He could smell a sick one too. There was a large group of them watching television and so it was hard to figure out who was sick. But he didn’t want to hurt anyone either, so he followed her up the stairs to her room.

As she closed the door, she walked to the windows and pulled the sash down, “So what would you like?”

“What have you got?” he asked.

“I have…” she opened her fridge, “Water, coke. Oh, jeez, that’s it. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” He looked around her bookshelves and smiled at the first editions she had of some of the books. He remembered when some of these hit the shelves. There was one which he had actually owned and he pulled it off the shelf; opening it to the front page where it was signed to him. But his name was different:
Mr David S. Smith, I hope you enjoy reading this one! H.G. Wells. It was ‘War of the Worlds’. He smiled as he closed it and put it back on the shelf.
“Oh, you found that one.” She smiled, “My Uncle gave it to me. We are still trying to find out who David S. Smith is.”

He slotted it back into the thin gap the book had created when he pulled it out, “Never mind, it’s in the past.”

“Well, he existed, but then disappeared around the time this book was printed; where to? We don’t know.” She sat in a two-seater lounger, “Come and sit down, I won’t bite.”

‘No but I will.’ He thought, “I better go.” He turned toward the door.

“Davin.” Elle stood and walked to him, placing her hand on his. He could feel her pulse and tried to concentrate on her words: “I’ve been watching you. You’re a great student. Every single essay you’ve written is spot on. It’s like you’ve been there and lived through those times.”

“Elle.” He closed his eyes and wished he could kiss her, wished, for once, he wasn’t immortal, “I need to tell you something.”

“You’ve got a girlfriend?”

“No.” he opened his eyes. He wondered where this was going.

“You’re painfully shy for a reason.” She smiled, “Come and sit down. Let’s go through our notes.”

He held her hand a little tighter as she turned to grab her folder, “I don’t want to go through my notes with you.” How was he going to do this? He was getting nervous again, “You are beautiful.”

“You keep saying that.”

He pulled her arm around his waist and looked into her eyes: “You belong to me.”

“I..” she was beginning to be hypnotised by him; hopefully.

“You are mine?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

“Kiss me.” he felt her arms snake around his warm body as her mouth found his. He took up her hair, losing himself in its scent, its gorgeous heady colour and scent. Davin felt for the door at his back and locked it. Her body moved against him as they shuffled toward the bed, stripped off their clothes looked at each other for a moment before gently touching each other again, “You are a goddess.”

“I’m yours.” Elle whispered, “Take me.”

Those were the words he was waiting to hear from her. He entered her gently and they made love until the small hours of the morning when he laid there looking at her; hearing the false dawn approaching.

“Elle.” He woke her from her snooze.

“Mmm?” she opened her eyes, “Davin. What is it?”

“You said you were mine last night…”

“And I am.”

“I need to tell you something.” He said, “It’s very important that you know this.”


“David S Smith.” He said, “That’s me. I vanished because somebody sired me.”

“Sired...” That word always gets repeated when he tells people what he is, “I know what that is.”

He nodded, “I’m a vampire.”

Her eyes widened: “A what?”

“A vamp…”

Elle put her hand up and he went quiet as she sat up to turn this around in her head, “And I let you in last night; into the dorm.”

“One of your friends is dying.” He said, “I can smell it.”

She looked at him, “Kymmy. She has cancer. But they reckon she’s going to be okay.”

He shook his head, “She’s not.”

“You can smell death?”

He looked at the sheets and began to fiddle with them, “I hate that part of my life.” He muttered, “I just didn’t know which one was sick. They were all sitting and watching television.”

“How do I get out of this?” she asked.


“You tricked me.”

He shook his head as he sat up and took her hands. She tried to push him away, but he hung on, “No, I didn’t.”

“You’re a bastard.”

“You’re a goddess.”

Before she knew what she was doing, Elle kissed him. Then, she broke off the kiss, “What am I doing?”

“You’re mine forever.” He smiled, “You can be a wonderful writer and fantastic lover to me.”

“Why would I ever want to be around somebody like you for eternity?” she climbed out the bed and tried to make a run for the door. Davin was too fast, “What…?”

“Being immortal gives you plenty of traits that come in handy.” He said, “Now, be good and I can make this a painless experience.”

“Davin let me out.” She ordered.

“What, naked?” he looked at her.

She looked down and realised she was yet to get dressed, “Damn you.”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to hell already.” He grabbed her and held her tightly. With the adrenaline of her blood rushing through her veins this was sure to be fantastic. He had never sired somebody before and was looking forward to it. Davin shoved her onto the bed and pinned her down. She began to yell, but he covered her mouth with a kiss, then looked at her, “Will you relax, this will hurt for only a minute, then I have to give you some blood for you to survive.”

“If I don’t take it?”

“You’ll die.” He turned her head to one side, felt the change of the screaming demon within him. The sight of the blood coursing through her jugular was such a turn on. He could feel his indecision coming back when Davin slowed down and kissed her cheek softly. He could smell her fear as she glanced past him, “I hate it that I scare you.” He whispered into her neck as he nuzzled her. He wasn’t going to permit the demon to massacre her just yet; not when he had feelings for her, “I had no choice; just like you.”

“I’m scared of what you’re going to do to me.” She muttered, “Strange thing is: I’m not scared of dying. I didn’t think it’d be this way.”

He touched her face and she flinched a little, “Please, Elle, don’t be frightened. If we have a disagreement of any kind, you can go your own way. I won’t fight it.”

She nodded: “Okay. I don’t have that many friends anyway.”

“Don’t doubt that. Throughout your life, you’ll accumulate many friends. But a lot of them will not stay forever like me.” He whispered, his cheek against hers, “I just want to be with you, love you, enjoy you.”

“I know but can’t you do that without making me one of you?” she asked.

“No.” he looked at her, “I’ve been watching you for a long time and wanted you for as long.”

Elle wondered if he was for real and to prove it, his features changed again and she closed her eyes and turned her head away. But instead of biting, he made love to her again. It was as gentle and sweet as it was the night before. Davin watched her as, still changed from the mortal looks, her blood move around her body; her scent that was stronger than before and how she moved. Their lovemaking was more fulfilling as he gathered her up into his arms and let her sit in his lap and ride him. He leaned back and enjoyed her thoroughly as she looked at him. Then, as he saw she was getting close to climax, he knew it was time to sire her. Elle was losing herself in the moment. He held her close as her hair fell over her shoulders, cascaded down her back and over his long dark curls. Now was the time if not any. He moved her hair, saw the jugular and – as gently as he could – bit in.

Elle took in a deep breath and stiffened a little. He heard her thoughts as he drank her sweet, rare wine; heard her heartbeat begin to slow down. She balled her fists and punched him hard on the back; something he was expecting by the way she fought when he had shoved her onto the bed before. But this didn’t last for long as she weakened from the blood loss and her breaths began to slow; her head lolling back, eyes half-closed. The weight of her body became heavy and she almost lost consciousness and he laid her back against the pillows that were propped against the wall.

He sliced the artery in his elbow and a good stream of blood began to ooze from it, “Feed. You must.”

“So tired.” She mumbled.

“You won’t be after this.” He pushed her mouth onto the cut and soon heard her suckling the blood from his arm. It was painful, but he’d put up with it, “You will need to kill soon.”

Soon she pulled away and looked at him, touching his face, “Have you?”

“Siring you isn’t a kill, but I’d like to have a partner in crime to do it with.” He smiled, “I chose you.”

“My love.” She smiled, “I accept.”