Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Invasion

I noticed there was no Flash Fiction Fridays for a while. So, I've thought to write my own. Well, really, I've had ideas popping into my head like crazy lately and thought to keep mine going... 


1st, May, 2018

I thought having Netflix would be a great idea; so did my parents and friends. But we had problems from the very start with the installation of it. The damned thing just wouldn't work!

Every time I wanted to watch something, the television couldn't connect to my wi-fi or Netflix itself would have signed me out for some reason or another; and the very idea that it was doing this all the time during the trial period was really pissing me off.

And my folks had given Netflix and wi-fi to me for my birthday; so it should have worked straight up.

However, no matter what happened, it was so temperamental and weird that I didn't know what to do. One minute it was working and I could watch anything I wanted, but then it would have its glitches like you wouldn't believe! I'd stop an episode of something I'd be watching and go out out Netflix and watch free-to-air television only to come back hours later to find it was still running the shows I had stopped – it hadn't stopped at all, or even paused it. So, I'd have to turn off my phone, the television, the wi-fi and modem and it would sign me out of Netflix and I'd have to sign back into it.

15th, May, 2018

After two weeks of this happening three times a day, this was driving me nuts – so much so I just didn't want the fuckin' thing anymore.

However, I got a lot of things done around my house.

All my laundry got done, the carpets were cleaned, the house cleaned out and dusted. The floors were washed and window sills were scrubbed as well. I spent time renovating my garden and washing the car too... all of this in just a little over two weeks; and still I was trying to get my Netflix to work.

I did notice that while I was driving around my neighbourhood, I didn't see much of my neighbours. They had stopped having parties, stopped being seen outside and had stopped being very friendly to anyone around them. When one of them had their power disconnected, he completely freaked out and the police took him away.

That house stands vacant now... nobody has seen him since.

Well, okay, I haven't seen him for two weeks – seeing I can't ask any of my neighbours if they've seen him.

Anyway, last Sunday, I went for a walk around the streets and found there wasn't a single car around. Sure they were parked in the driveways and in the streets, but nobody was driving anywhere. But as I walked past the houses, I saw the people inside their houses staring at their television screens, watching Netflix movies and television programs.

Of all the times I had to have problems with my Netflix; and I had to figure out that it was designed to brainwash us into being the biggest, laziest mammals around! Stepping back from the window of the people's house – where they didn't even notice me peaking through the window – I walked back out onto the street, pulled my hood up, shoved my hands in my jeans pockets and started to walk home.

I was scared to death that what I just saw was going to me one day; that is if we fixed up my reception on my Netflix.

Gawd, I hope we didn't.

29th, May, 2018

It's been another two weeks and my property is the best-looking one on the street. Nobody is leaving their houses anymore. The police have been sending out drones to check up on us all; and every time they do, I hide from them. I pull the curtains, turn on the television up loud and sit on the lounge and make out that I'm watching a Netflix movie or a series of theirs.

But I don't think they're convinced about me anymore.

My front yard is too tidy and I'm the only one who goes out to do my shopping in my car in my neighbourhood anymore. The rest of my neighbours get their groceries home-delivered now; it's as though I live in a retirement village – or an alien village somewhere like on Mars, where the air is unbreathable.

Everyone's houses are now horrible-looking and I wish I knew what to do... except suffer in silence, as I don't know anyone else whose Netflix doesn't work properly.

You may be asking why I don't contact my parents or my brother about this, I have. I've been trying to phone them, but they don't answer any of my messages on the home phone or their mobiles. And I've checked their Facebook pages and they don't have accounts anymore. It's as though they no longer exist; and I'm too scared to go to their houses in case I get picked up for not being where I'm supposed to be... oh crap.

The computer has begun to do a scan.

It's never done that before... I knew I shouldn't have written this on here.

But how else am I going to get the word out that something in Netflix is …

hey, my Netflix account is working now. I'll be back soon... there's a movie I want to see. I'll be back in a day or so.

15th, July, 2018

I am sorry to have been away for so long. It's been around three months and I found this on my computer when I jumped on here today. I meant to come back and finish the article about Netflix and how it's brainwashing our population; making us lazy.

But really, I don't think it is.

It's a great thing to have added to your life. There's so many movies and documentaries and wonderful things to follow on there; and yet it's endless what you can watch.

I love Netflix and the movies I can access through it....Yes... Netflix is good... Good is Netflix.

Hey there's a light outside – many lights pouring from the skies above! Wow, look at that! I've never seen a meteor shower like this before! I have to get my camera to record this!

'… an uncontrolled Human has been detected.'

'Invade as per commanded. Overtake this planet immediately; it must be conquered. Kill the Human.'