Monday, 18 January 2016

The Day the Music Died

I write poetry as well as flash fiction and horror. Yesterday, I was reading a tribute to him and half-listening to a tribute on the radio, when I found I just had to write about David Bowie. You'll recognise some of his greatest lyrics below... as this poem wouldn't have been about him if I didn't add them in.

Put on your red shoes,
and dance the blues...
Under the serious moonlight
While the starman
      we all grew up with - 
Our souls connected with - 
    Like we were family - 
                of some kind...
Is making the stars ...
          ... look very different today,
as he joins the greats 
   and becomes a member 
                    of that band up there,
leaving us with a part of our colour spectrum

                less bright

Leaving us gutted,
       that he's no longer

His voice is silent.
    His Swan Song Album
             breaking our hearts.

Yes, Bowie is gone from this Earth, 
     but he will live on 
        in my generation.
We were lucky enough to live here
            at the same time
                 he did.