Friday, 9 September 2016

Shared Accommodation?

I got this cool idea from FB where there's a funny quote: 'What if the spider you just killed has been living in your house thinking you're flatmates?' It took me a little while to get in and write this very short piece, and I don't know if it'll work, but it's worth a try. 


I didn’t mean for her to find me, but it was really late and I didn’t know she was awake.

Yet the lights were on.

That should have been my first guess. She never leaves lights on late at night.

I’d been living here for my whole life and she never noticed me around. I mean, I’ve been in her office reading the books on her shelves and enjoying reading her FB page over her shoulder without her knowing it for about three months now and still, all I wanted to do is go downstairs and take off out of the place.

You see, there’s no real food here.

Sheena has gotten rid of all the silverfish, cockroaches and ants from the house… yep, being a typical female human being, she doesn’t like anything with more legs than herself.

So, after I got a little too big, I thought to see myself out the door without bothering her.

But her life has been anything but quiet lately. With her next door neighbours splitting up – and ex-boyfriend not wanting to leave quietly – she’s been the supportive friend for the woman next door. It’s been good but also very stressful for her as she’s not really into this kind of thing; but it’s good she wants to help her neighbour so much.

Anyway, it’s been long enough that her life is just getting back to anything looking like normal again. Nobody’s knocking her door at oddly early hours of the morning and she’s changed her settings back to normal on her FB page (after she blocked and unfriended the ex-boyfriend)… she’s only thankful Sheena didn’t give him her mobile number; then he’d never leave her alone!

Anyway, she’s been busily pulling together some art stuff lately, and she didn’t really notice me in the corner of her lovely little home office enjoying my latest read (which I knocked off the shelf really late the other night and she didn’t wake up to the horrible noise – I know because I ventured into her room and checked! Man! Her room stunk of mothballs and the walls – exactly what had she done to the walls? – burned my feet!). But it was well worth checking if she was awake. I really wanted to finish the book… but how could I if it was on the floor all closed up and I had opened it up on the shelf up here on the top only moments before?

So, it was time for me to leave.

I knew this and – well – she didn’t know I existed.

But then, as she was coming up the stairs, and I was going down them, our paths crossed… and she took off her slip-!