Sunday, 23 July 2017

Plain Jane

Chuck gave us a link to INSPIROBOT. I scored a great little saying which was funny at the same time; and I thought to mixed it into a nice little story. I've highlighted the saying in another colour.


“Plain Jane Super Brain!”
The kids in high school can be really crappy can’t they? The things they come up with are downright shitty; and yet, when you don’t retaliate they get worse.

The taunting rants.

The accidentally-on-purpose shoves in the halls.

Being ostracised from one lunch table to the next over time, until you end up sitting over in the corner on your own picking at your food.

And my name isn’t even Jane – it’s... oh does it even matter? Of course it does... it’s Romany.  Where they got Jane from is beyond me.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes... Plain Jane.

Shit, where’d that come from?

The popular kids saw me wearing a nice cashmere sweater one day with pearl earrings I received for Christmas, and the next thing I knew I was being called Plain Jane Super Brain... and the image that comes to mind is a mousy quiet little blond girl who carries books in her arms scurrying from one class to another, wearing Coke Bottle thick glasses and wearing shoes which look like they come from the 1960’s with a dress style which screams that her mother tells her what to wear every day of her life.
I see what my mother lays out on my bed for me as style suggestions; it doesn’t mean I have to wear those exact clothes; and fortunately, I don’t. Mum does go for the nice pair of Levis but that’s about it... the rest of the outfit is all me, right down to the hair style and the smidge of make-up I wear on the eye lashes (that if I don’t put on I look like I’m sick).

But, it didn’t matter.

The popular kids took one look at me and were judge, jury and executioners...

They shoved.

They ostracised.

They bullied... and I did nothing.

I moved around the cafeteria until there were no more tables to move to; and eventually I went outside and walked along the long halls filled with kids I had zero interest in.
And you know, it’s because I haven’t said a single word to anyone yet.

I have been at this school for two months and haven’t talked to a single teacher about anything.

I barely answer any questions in class.

I haven’t made a single friend.

This is because nothing in this school interests me beyond learning what I need to and getting the fuck out of here.
So, when I pushed the doors open into the near-empty basketball court that wet Autumn day, and found a group of other kids standing there, I wondered if they were just like me.
I wondered if they had been judged and pushed out of the ‘inner circle’ by those stuck-up popular kids who aren’t going to get very far in the outside world.
I wondered...
“Hi, Romany.” One of them walked to me, a smile pulled up half her face as dark hair hid the other, “We’ve been waiting for you.”
She looked around the large building behind me before she answered, “Because you haven’t said anything here and yet you were judged by everyone in there.” She gripped my shoulder until it almost hurt, “And we like that about you.”
She turned and regarded the group, “Okay... she said okay... wow.”
“I’m Regina... and we’re going to make your world today.”

The rest of my day passed by at the usual rate, but I didn’t get shoved so hard in the halls. Teachers didn’t call on me in class either – which I was quietly relieved about, because I didn’t like speaking in front of other people.
But Regina wanted me to meet her at the park that night, if I could make it.

I said I’d see if I could.

My folks were stunned to find I was invited somewhere and I actually said yes! And of course they let me go to meet up with ‘your little friends!’ and gave me a phone to keep in touch.
“Be back by 11pm, okay, you have school tomorrow.” Mum gave me my favourite leather jacket that she somehow knew I had bought last year (jeez, she’s going through my room now?) and I was out the door, down the street and out to the park.

My main worry was if this was a huge joke on me.
Were these people part of the popular group who were picking on me at school?
Would I get there and Regina and her ‘pals’ be a no-show and I’d be laughed at tomorrow for showing up in a creepy park at 9pm?



Is there...?

So many questions raced through my mind that I didn’t know whether I should have been going in the first...
“Hey you made it!” Regina called from the darkened swing set with her group. She ran over smiling. This time her hair was fully off her face, and she was pretty. She looked me up and down, “You had your doubts?”
“Well, don’t. You’re gonna be fine. And we’re not what you think.” She walked me over to the rest of them, who appeared to be quiet and yet looking as though they were expecting something – or somebody – to show up, “So, what do you think, Michael? Would she be a good candidate?”
A taller Hispanic man approached me, “Don’t be scared. I’m not going to hurt you.”
In some way I felt... some weird peace about what he said as he looked into my eyes and moments past as he stared, then looked away, “She’s perfect.”
“For what?”
Michael looked over at me, “You’re about to turn into a weirdo. Oh yes. A weirdo. But don’t worry, you’ll be okay. You’ll be protected.”
“What?” I started backing away, wondering what I’d gotten myself into.
Regina smiled, “The moment I saw you, I knew you were perfect for him.”
“Him... who’s him?”
Michael smiled, “I’m an Archangel; and I need a new vessel. Unfortunately, this one isn’t faring too well and you are much stronger. But I need your permission.”

I didn’t see my life improving.

School sucked.

I had no friends.

My folks love me, but...

I looked at him, “Can you make sure my family is safe?”
He nodded, “I promise.”
“The answer is yes.”  Michael caressed the side of my right cheek and an immense light filled my vision – filled the park – and I was sharing my mind and body with Him.

Oh yes... I’m going to be a weirdo alright. Exactly how I’m going to explain this to people is going to difficult.