Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Race

From the time the doors opened, it was a frenzied, crazy rush through the store.   My feet almost didn’t touched the shining lino as the crush of people shoved from behind like cattle to grab, grab, grab at the best deals…

Yes, it’s a love/hate relationship we have with Black Friday… and it means so much to many and so little to others.

And yet, I go and put myself through this torture each year just to find a bargain… to fight over that one item I might want, need, adore… relish!

But really, do I need all this shit?

Not really…

It’s just the competition of it all, the race, the feeling of knowing I might get something somebody wants and – nah-nah-nah! – I have it, and you don’t!  Hahahaa!!!

It’s the feeling of being the bully in the schoolyard after all the years of being picked on, and finally being able to push, shove and climb and conquer the crowds of this insane day to find what you want and rip it off the shelf and say it’s yours!

Yes I’m being a bitch about this, and yes, it makes me feel good to do this too… but it’s Black Friday.
It’s an insane day of shopping.

Some people go to begin their Christmas Shopping… some go to ‘browse’… Me?  I go just for the competition of seeing what I can get into my trolley and how far I can take it.

Well, I did until the violence broke out…
It started out with a run of the mill hair-pulling, nail-scratching girl fight… not bad to stand by and watch.  That was until a gun was pulled and …


It was deafening.

Everyone dropped to the floor and left the two standing, but I dropped faster than everyone else.

How did a gun get through the doors?  I'm not sure, but that was the least of my problems...

The next thing I knew, I had people fussing over me.
I couldn’t move.
Now, the race wasn’t for me to do my Christmas shopping…
…no… this was a much different race.

Black Friday had turned into a race to save my life.

Saturday, 22 November 2014


He turned from the busy city streets, as his sensitive hearing picked up a woman’s cry above everything else.

Yes, somebody needed his assistance yet again…
Turning, somebody was using the phone booth – damn!

Racing in through the door of nearest cafĂ©, he found the restrooms at the back, dodged past a customer and into the stall. 
Nobody saw him whip past in his kinky purple costume with his cape flapping out the back as he zipped out into the street, his purple go-go boots barely touching the ground!

His mission was clear! 

He had  to find that poor woman in need!

Her cries were coming closer.  

She wasn’t far away as he honed on in her place in an apartment building, the breeze making his high-cut bodysuit feel as though it wasn’t there at all… it felt good!  It made his hard, sexy body harder in more than one place.  More than that, he was ready for what she most probably needed – him!
And as he found her place, he saw her distress – almost felt it in his loins.  He knew she had been dumped, and needed somebody!

She needed anybody… to be with.

That anybody was him, and he knew it!

He landed gently just outside her balcony doors and watched in on her before clearing his throat quietly.
She turned, staring.  Her hair was a mess, looking like lovely as every woman he had saved from heartbreak, “Oh, my… it’s you.”
“I heard your cries of distress, and thought…” he started.
“Well, come in.” she sniffed and tried to straighten herself up, taming her hair and attempted to stop crying – and failing.
“It’s okay.”
“It’s not.” She shook her head, “He never showed up at the altar.”
“I’ll save you…” his thumb brushed across her cheek removing a tear which had begun to roll down the well-worn path of many others, “I will make you forget him.”
“I don’t know.”
He leaned down and kissed her softly on the fingers of her left hand where her engagement ring used to be, “Trust me.” His eyes never left hers as his soft, deep voice reached her ears, “I’ll be good to you.”
It all happened in a blur of skin, sex and the quick removal of that purple kinky costume he wore as they staggered across the room onto her bed. 
Her skin tingled – feeling as though it sizzled – every time he touched her…

…kissed her…

…worshiped her…

…totally enjoyed her… He made sure she was pleasured in every which way and wanted more and more from him as the night wore on, the moon travelled across the evening sky and the two of them didn’t leave the bed as they worshiped each other.

With her Lying in his arms he heard the door unlock in the next room and opened his eyes.  It was sunrise.  From the smell of it, the fiancĂ© had returned to either try to make amends or to pick up his shit.
“Do you want me to stay or leave?” he whispered.
She rolled over, “Best if you leave.”
“Okay.” He held her gaze for a few moments, kissed her softly, longingly, then, faster than her eyes could follow, dressed and flew out into the dawning day.
As he did, he heard yet another cry for help from further afield.  Sighing, he realised his work will never be done.

Finishing up the last few brush strokes on the fourth large canvas, Mark stepped back from his piece in his studio and looked at it.  This was a first… a comic strip of sorts… it covered four large pieces and it looked a bit like a sexy, kinky Superman who helped women who needed him.
“Jolly good.” He laughed at the weirdness in his work, then looked at his coffee cup and decided it was time for another cuppa.  Frida, his lovely little Staffy-cross wandered through the door of the studio, looking at him, “Hey, Frida, come here.” He wiped his hands on his pants as the dog walked in and sat on his feet for a pat, contented and happy, “These are just fun aren’t they?”

He sat outside later that night after dinner, thinking over his work he’d done that day.  How funny that comic strip painting had come to him – how easily it had come to him.  He started to laugh at an idea he was having… if it was turned into a comic strip of sorts… a purple-clad, sexy Superman who saved women who were in dire need of rebound sex?  He burst out laughing!  Now that’d be hilarious!

But would it take off…

In more ways than one?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Child's Play

I love it when Chuck gets us to use stock photos... I picked out #10... from this list of photos.

Missy was beautiful!

He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she sat with her pretty little pink dress on with Mr Ted at the table having the regular afternoon tea party with Gloria.  Missy’s hair was always tied in two little piggy-tails and her blue eyes were always fresh and clear.
Josh was never allowed to go to tea parties with her and Mr Ted and Gloria; that was their thing alone.  

He had to watch.

But watching had become something of a turn-on for Josh.

He was on the shelf with Mr Potato Head, Esta the Penguin and a couple of Barbie Dolls (who were always fussing about what their hair looked like and trying to flirt with him – damned gold-diggers!).  He told them the same thing every time: ‘eat something!  You’re too skinny!’
Yes, he loved his women with a bit of meat on them… not enormous, but not skeletons like the Barbie Dolls with massive breasts they can’t see over.
Josh looked back over at her again – his girl – and she found she was looking over her shoulder at him.
Her hair bounced in a slight breeze from the fan and Gloria’s back had been turned for a moment for her to wink at him before the child turned back and corrected Missy’s posture and poured her more tea and sat down for the next hour.

Darkness fell and Gloria went to bed, snuggling with Mr Ted under the covers.  Now was the time the toys all socialised with each other in lowered voices.
But not Josh and Missy.
He wanted to wait until morning – until Gloria went to school – to chat Missy up.  He wanted to approach her properly.

The door slamming downstairs shocked Josh awake.  He looked around to find Gloria’s bed made, her pink ‘My Little Pony’ school bag gone … and so was Missy!
As he shuffled off the shelf and raced across the room, climbing up onto her bed by the window, he saw her mother outside scolding the young girl, “I think you’re too old to take Missy to school, Gloria.  It’s time you went there without a toy in your hands.”
“Okay, Mommy.” She sighed, close to tears.
“Sweetheart, Missy will be here at home when you get back.” Her mother soothed taking the dolly from her, smoothing the hair from its face, “Now get in the car.”
Soon enough, Gloria’s Mother returned and placed Missy on Gloria’s bed, in front of her pillow and left her room, closing the door.  The room erupted into life!  Mr Ted climbed out from under the bed, from where Gloria had thrown him, the Barbie Dolls strutted to their box of clothes and started tutting about how crappy their wardrobe was and Josh just sat near Missy as he watched her in her pink dress smiling… knowing he could get her dress off at some point today; but when?
“Hi Josh.” Missy turned and looked at him.
“Hi yourself, beautiful.” He shuffled closer to her on the bed, touching his hand on hers, “You look so pretty today.”
“Oh… this old thing.” She picked at the hem of the dress, “It’s okay I guess.”
“I really like you.”
“I know.” She nodded.
“So… what are we going to do about it?” his eyes met hers and he realised she had the same coloured eyes as his – blue.
“I know a private corner Gloria doesn’t look at anymore.”
“Oh… do show me.” He smiled.
“Follow me!” she climbed off the bed, took his hand and led him across the room to the wardrobe.  In the far corner was a clean spot where Gloria’s shoes where supposed to live, but she didn’t put them there.  Closing the door, after themselves, she pulled the dress off herself and walked to the corner, “Let’s have some fun, sexy.”
“Oh my…” he whispered as he pulled off his cowboy boots and hat and plastic holster and the two laid down on the floor of the wardrobe and enjoyed the forbidden love in the dark.

Over the next few weeks, every day Gloria went to school, Missy and Josh went hiding away in their wardrobe.  Mr Ted often kept a look out for Gloria to come home… and tapped on the door when he heard the car and her voice outside the window; signalling them to get dress and act ‘normal’.
One day, Mr Ted was attacked by Gloria’s brother’s new pet puppy… and ripped apart.  So, he wasn’t keeping guard.  While Gloria’s mother was stitching Mr Ted back up downstairs and applying him with new stuffing, Josh and Missy went about their regular fun in the wardrobe.  This time, they had asked another toy to take Mr Ted’s place.  But this toy didn’t think anything about taking a few minute’s break from watching out for the day… and they forgot to come back to remind the two about Gloria’s return from school.
The bedroom door opened and Gloria’s school bag was dumped near the door of the wardrobe.  Josh and Missy had tried out a new position in their passions.  She was sitting down, he was standing up… she was about to engulf his manhood when the wardrobe door opened!

Josh and Missy turned as the light shone in on them!

Both of them were naked!

How embarrassing!

“Missy!” Gloria shrieked, “Where are your clothes!  And what are you doing with Josh the Cowboy?”

Friday, 7 November 2014

A Fishy Kinda Love

Chuck asked us for a 3-sentence story... and so, here's mine!

Short'n'sweet - well - kinda!

It was love at first sight!

Her scales gleamed in the light as she turned the corner of the castle and the food drifted down from above – yes, she was an absolute beauty of a goldfish to behold and he couldn’t wait to swim over to be by her side.

It was love at first sight!