Sunday, 12 May 2013

Trust No One

It was time.  Radley the Great checked his pistol and made sure it was loaded, pulled the chain mail down a little from his neck as it pinched at his chin and remembered: ‘This is to get my arse home.’
“Sire.” His page’s whisper called from the door.
“Yes, I know, it’s time.” He turned and looked at Pik, “Do you think I can beat him?”
“I’m not sure.”
Radley nodded, “Good answer.  Come then, we must not be late.”

The arena was thundering with people screaming and shouting as they approached from the north entrance.  This was a fight to the death.  Radley had been in this world for some years and wondered if things were the same in 2003, or had the police force changed?  The only thing he managed to keep working properly was his piece.  He was able to make bullets to fit it and they worked without destroying his weapon; which the people thought he had used the dark magiks to conjour.  However when he used it, they were amazed at well it worked at killing people, but he never meant to kill anyone, just stop them from hurting him or slow them down. 
A guard turned to him, “Sire, it’s time.”
“As I keep getting reminded.” He sighed stepping forward.  Pik removed his leather cape and draped it over his arm in wait for his master to return, “You know I might die out there.”
“I know.” His voice was soft, “I can wait for your return nonetheless.”
“Okay.” He smiled, “If I win, you can return to my time with me.  That is my reward you know; and you’ve always wanted to travel.”
Pik’s eyes lit up slightly, “Yes, I’d love that, but if you die…”
“I’ll try not to.” He patted the young man’s shoulder.  Jeez he reminded him of his kid brother.  Radley wondered how James was doing without him around as the large doors opened and he stepped out into the oval arena armed with his piece, a sword, dagger and an old, beaten-up shield from other battles.

Most of the battle with the sorcerer was a blur as while the two fought, Radley’s defences had been automatic.  He had dodge and moved out of the way of lightning strikes, fire balls and ran head-first into force fields.  He had to use the shield a few times and ended up ditching the sword as it was of no use to him.  He shoved it into the ground point-first where he could find it when he needed it. 
What the sorcerer didn’t know was that he had been learning new things about the dark powers – the true dark powers – from Pik, who was a young mage.  He had taught his master all about concentration in the heat of battle, about knowing when to make a lightning ball and when to throw fire at another … and when to get close enough to absorb enough of his opponent’s power to open a porthole to another dimension – especial the one Radley was from.  This was something he was trying to do… just piss off the sorcerer enough to get him to give off a massive power surge, absorb it and then, say the Latin in the right way to pass through the porthole home!
Then it happened!  The sorcerer thrusted both hands out!  Blue/white electricity burst forth across the arena – pure, unadulterated power of the very man who brought him here! Radley dropped his shield and stood right in front of the blast with his arms out.
It hit him hard!  The shock and agony locked his throat closed and tears blurred his vision as his feet left the ground – leaving a black scorch mark where he had stood – and he felt his chest contract, his mind overload… and he muttered the words between clenched teeth.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Pik race out to catch him.  But instead of standing there, he jumped up, grabbed one of his legs and…

…the blast of an air horn ripped through the air as brakes screamed the Mac Truck to a halt.  Massive lights glared from the front of its growling, hissing engine.  Pik stared at it for a second before he looked over at Radley who had made it through!
“Master…Radley.” He shook him.
“Did it work?” he asked hoarsely as he rolled over onto his back slowly, “What year is this?”
The truck driver looked down at them, “Where the fuckin’ hell did you two come from?”
“What year is it?” Pik shouted at him.
“2013.” The man shrugged, “Why?”
Radley pushed himself up, “Oh shit, I’m a decade out.”  
It was then the driver recognised him, “You’re Radley Bentz.  You went missing 10 years ago… you’re not out, you’re right on time.” He smiled, “And everyone’s been expecting you!” he raced to his cab and called in who had found to the police.
Before long, squad cars showed up, along with ambulances and Radley’s family.  Pik didn’t like how this was happening.  Even the news crews were going nuts.  The young mage then got a strange feeling he was being watched, he turned and watched the crowd who were standing behind the yellow Police tape.  He observed every single face until he found one who he knew very well:  the face of the sorcerer.
He looked up, “Yes?”
“The sorcerer is here.”
“How did he…?”
“It’s how he got you last time.” The young mage stood by him, “And this is why you offered to bring me back here?”
“Yes.  So you can help me get rid of him if he was here.”
Pik looked around but the sorcerer was gone, “We have to find him first.”
“Oh that lovely old man over there?” Radley’s mother smiled, “He’s a therapist… so nice.  Knows everything about you dear.”
“Oh gods, you didn’t talk to him, did you?” Pik asked.
“He’s the family therapist.  After you went missing, he offered his expertise in our grief.” His father nodded, “Dr. Magnus.”
“He’s the man who …” Radley shook his head, “I can’t be around you guys.  I have to go.  Come on Pik.”
He should have stayed in the other dimension.  But then, how many other dimension would this sorcerer be in had he tried another one? They walked away from his family knowing he no longer had one he could trust.