Sunday, 17 December 2017

Saving Christmas - Part One

Flash Fictions have finished for the year; and so I thought to do a Christmas Special - a Dickens-style story about Santa and his friends a week from the Big Day. There's a guest appearance by a few characters from my past Christmas stories, as well as Krampus. Start reading at this first one; and follow along until the last one, finishing this Saturday. 


 “What do you mean, Santa’s been kidnapped!” Mrs. Claus snapped almost dropping a whole tray of freshly baked gingerbread men onto the floor.
Cook was fast as he came to her rescue, “Here, you care for that situation, and I’ll take over from here, ma’am.” His soft, yet commanding voice suggested.
She pulled off the oven mitts and untied her apron, handing them onto the next elf who put out their hands to assist, as she followed the Head Elf out of the massive kitchen, “I repeat...”
“I don’t need to hear your question twice, Mrs. Claus, and I don’t know.” He answered, “One minute he was at the Swan’s house and the next, he wasn’t, and two little kids were terrified. I had to give them special candy to make them go to sleep again.” He shook his head, “I don’t like doing that.”
Propping her hands on her hips, Mrs. Claus’s eyes narrowed, “This smacks of Krampus... that jealous little creep.”
The young-looking man groaned, “Oh not him again. He works with the Naughty’n’Nice list, but do we have to talk to him?”
She sighed, pushing her glasses back up her nose habitually, “I’m afraid so. Find out where he keeps himself these days, and we will call on the Blue Fairy and see what she can do for us.”

Santa turned around and one horn struck the wall of the cave, causing sparks in the dark, “Damned things! I hate these horns and I wish I had never encountered Krampus this past year... as nobody really knows where I go.”
“Santa, is that you?” a tinkling voice called out in the darkness of the cavernous place, “Is that you all looking like Krampus?”
“Blue Fairy, what are you doing here?”
She sighed, “We are all here.”
“All? What do you mean?”

“There’s no answer at The Blue Fairy’s grove. I can’t find Mother Nature and the Tooth Fairy hasn’t been seen in three months.” The young man turned from the computers and phones, “Mrs. Clause, I’m afraid Krampus is up to his old tricks again.”
She stuck her nose in the air indignantly, “Not if I have something to say about it!”