Friday, 17 October 2014

Dear Participant

Thank you for taking part in this experiment for the search of the human soul; and for selling it free of charge to us.  For years you have been giving yourself away without even knowing it by sitting in front of your computer screen, staring at your phone and anything with a touch-sensitive screen – it’s our way of making sure you’re ours completely.

And you see, the internet itself has been a trap from the moment you connected it up to your home through your phone line. 






Facebook has been the perfect attraction for everyone online – even the people who say they don’t have an account have clicked on a photo from this application and we have been able to track them anywhere on this little blue marble where you all live.

Yes… the human soul is worth so much, and yet you all love to sell it, hock it and just give it away for the simplest of things.  Why, I heard some people want to sell theirs for sex with some bitch they know nothing about…

But really, we’re here about you.
Yes, you, as you sit in your chair with your coffee by your side… the mobile nearby…

…you’ve just rubbed the back of your neck, turned around.

You’ll never find me…

Yes… look out the window into the darkness of the night… I’m not out there either.

Aah, yes… your eyes wander to the humming tower by your side… I’ve been watching your every move, as you mindlessly tap away on plastic keys, click that mound of plastic you call a mouse (and it doesn’t look anything like it)… and

… you …


…your soul…

Not to the devil… no… you sold your soul to the internet…

We're not exactly evil, but we have turned you all into soulless, droids who believe everything we tell you to.... right?

Thank you

ever so much for your 



  1. I like your interpretation of the challenge! The internet is a perfect villain for soul stealing and unique from the common horror genres :)

  2. Thanks guys. It was late, I was looking at Facebook, and then it occurred to me... exactly how did we all get so... so... weirded out by so much in such a short length of time?

    Yep, the internet!