Friday, 10 October 2014

American Beauty

I see her as she sits normally in the fourth row, dressed in her ‘Sunday Best’ with only a little bit of make-up on, her hair pulled off her face and her shoes polished.
The typical American Beauty to a lot of people – but I know her better – yes I do.  I’ve seen her out on the street selling herself, despite her next to godliness act she puts on here.
Being a person who works in this industry, you have to be careful what you say to whom around the place in case you’re accused of being a pervert; or something else.  However, I’m a very active person of the community and I try to keep the young kids off the streets by bringing them to the community centre down the road for something to eat and a place to sleep, so they don’t have to walk the streets or sell themselves.

But sometimes one or two of them go missing – only sometimes.  Never enough to make the papers or cause problems around the place… and when you think about it – who’s really going to miss some cracked-up dopehead?  Nobody.

So, when I have been told they’ve stopped showing up, I put up the notices and figure they might have found a place to live or gone home.  But you soon forget their face, and … well… yeah.
Other times, I’ve had the opportunity to make them go missing on purpose.  However, who is going to know, except you and me the lightpost, right?  After all, they make a great sacrifice to the Dark Lord in August, or on All Hallow’s Eve, or better still, around the May Day Celebrations… yes!  I love the animal sacrifices as much as the human ones. 
Most times these blood spells call for virgins, but do you have any idea how hard it is to find one of those in this day and age?  Yeah, it’s difficult to find one who isn’t under sixteen, and is female… after all most of them are all sluts once they get a boyfriend!  Yes, they act like whores, dressing as though they’re going to please their man – when really they’re all just children.
Children… wonderful children all walking through the door of the place I work as a volunteer at to pick off one by one each year.  Most of them are never found because I get to use every part of their precious temples – from the heart, liver, kidneys and the brain right through to all of their blood… and whatever’s left over?  Well, I feed through a grinder and make into slop for my pigs on the farm.  Yes, nothing goes to waste.
I have found possessing a human difficult though… especially seeing I’ve taken over the body of such a pillar of the community.  I don’t think he even knows I’m making him do everything he’s doing.  I know that sounds bad from my position.

What’s my Demon name?  Malinda… such a sweet, charming and lovely name, hey?  Yeah. It is.

But going to Hell will turn any human into what I am.

And I bet you’re wondering who I’ve taken over… sure you are. 

Well, do you remember that sweet little thing I told you about in the beginning?  You know the one who was dressed in her Sunday Best, but I knew what she got up to when she wasn’t confessing her sins in church and asking the good Lord above for forgiveness for walking the streets and selling herself?  Yeah her… well, she’s my next sacrifice.

Well, I should say, his next sacrifice.

This time, I’m going to let him get caught red-handed. 

Right in the middle of the ceremony, I’ll leave his body and watch from a distance of his reaction – it’ll be damned well priceless!

His name?  Oh, I didn’t tell you did I? 

Reverend Morgan.


  1. I love how this started off as a holier-than-thou POV only to morph into a murderer, to a demon. Excellent build. I am a little confused as to whether to pig farm is the reverend's or the demon's however.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. The pig farm is the demon's. Everything to do with the murdering is the demon's world; and everything to do with the church, community centre and helping the youth on the streets is the reverends. The demon just happens to find a way to blur the line between both worlds; then suddenly makes the lovely and kindly Reverend Morgan realise what's been happening to his flock of young kids.