Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Delmer's Fiddle - Part Two

Seeing this week is going to be a very busy one for me... I thought to finish this exercise now instead of forgetting about it  and regretting I hadn't done it.

Delmer's Fiddle - Part One

Okay... here's the thing:  you can't see the link above with the black background.  Just move your mouse over the gap between the first paragraph and this one, and you'll see it .  Now, we're on the same page - so to say - you can now read parts one and two at your leisure. So, here's the first 200 words I chose of somebody else's work.  I don't like the content, but it grabbed me immediately and my imagination wouldn't let it go. 

Six months passed by and Little Delmer was confined to his wheelchair, forever staring.

The doctors told his mother he’d be a vegetable for life.

She felt so much guilt about what she had done she began to drink.

Her sadness could be heard from his bedroom at night as she’d drink herself to sleep, but it wasn’t that which bothered him.

It was her crying… it sounded like a howling coyote… and Delmer would mimic her softly as he laid in his specially-designed bed unable to sleep in the deep of night.

During the day, he was situated in front of the television with it going on all the children’s shows all day. 

But he never watched it.

Delmer’s gaze would move slowly from the dancing figures on the screen to a box next to the mantle… his violin.

And he’d stare at it all day longingly…

…moving his fingertips in time with the music playing inside his head.

All day, Delmer would practice his violin in his head…

…while physically he couldn’t move a muscle.

He wanted to die…

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