Saturday, 23 November 2013

Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter

This week, Chuck has us writing 1/5 of a whole story... interesting stuff dude, interesting stuff.  We are supposed to start off our stories here... and then add another 200 words onto somebody else's... not a bad idea; if I do say so myself.  I wonder who's going to take on mine! 

Rain poured from the sky.

Why did she wake up?  

She wondered exactly how the day had begun as she pushed herself to get out of her bed and get dressed.   

Ashlee pulled on her work boots, laced them up nice and tight, then came the bulletproof jacket – with full sleeves – that was handed out to all personnel. 

Then, she picked up her remote from the duchess of make-up, a curling iron, hair ties and perfume, pointed it to the wall by her bed.  Pressing the blue button on the top left of it, a huge section of it slid forward, split into two horizontally and swung up and down on air-controlled hinges.   
Ashlee had her pick of guns, artillery and high-tech gadgets to fight the ongoing battle which was going on beyond her front door.  But the first thing she did was pull on her vest which had empty pockets, zipped it up, clipped on a utility belt (which fitted neatly in a waistband gap around the vest – and could be worn on its own if needs be) and then, she began working on what she would need today.

Today, she was going to be busy.

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  1. I wanted to email you about your first 200 words, but couldn't find a link to email you. Do me a favor and shoot me an email: markgardnerauthor () gmail () com.