Saturday, 8 April 2017


This week, Chuck asked us to write the end of a long journey. This got me thinking that it takes a few weeks to get over a long journey... especially back in the days of yore. So, here you are.


With a sigh, I pulled on the reigns and the horses grunted. We had walked the last few miles of the way home; my home being this lovely place up against the forest wall.
I built it with my family – my husband, my son, my father – and now they were all done and gone with God and I am here on me own to toil the land, to live my days out in peace.
Climbing down, I ran my hand along the rump of the beast talking to him gently, letting ‘im know I’m here, I’m ‘is owner, we’re finished today – and he an’ he can now rest. I untie the harness from him bit by bit, and I feel him relax as I lead him out to the field next to my place. Then, I’m back to do the same for the mare. They’re partners you see, and I’m glad to say they get along so well.

I start to unpack.

Unpacking is the hard part. I don’t mind packing... it’s always kinda fun to find places for things. But unpacking is more tiring and I don’t really like it as I think it takes longer – or it feels like it.

This time I feel as though somebody’s watching me.

Yes, I’m uneasy about being here.

I escaped from it by the skin of me hide you see... a plague.

Everyone was droppin’ all around and I just threw everything in the wagon and took to the road – any road – that took me home!
Once out onto the winding, clear airs, I didn’t worry so much. I just thought of getting meself home and unpacked. I will wash what I can; and burn off the rest.

I will have to scrub me body until it burns to make sure I don’t have that plague. I would hate to have come all this way, only to find I caught it after all.

A day passes and I’ve burned me blankets I brought back with me, and some of the horse’s blankets – just to be sure. The house has been cleaned; and I had me three-monthly bath early – I will have to bathe every few days to keep meself cleaner than usual. I also burned all me clothes from me journey and have begun making new ones from cloth I had here at the house.

It’s been a week, and things are going well.

The horses are good.

I’m feeling good.

think I have avoided the plague from the city.

I’ve been sleeping with some mug wart in the bed and wild lavender and garlic from the field in my pillow; all of which help me sleep at night and clear my nose.

There’s somethin’ not right.

Into my second week and the horses are dead. I woke up yesterday and they were covered in the same sores as the people in the city and dead in their stalls. They’d been gettin’ weak for about three days now, but ...

Now, I’m sick. I’ve been throwin’ up me food, sweatin’ and have black lumps under my arms that weren’t there last week. I don’t know what it is, but ...

...oh the day is sweet outside.

...the birds sound so sweet...

...the sound of the King’s guards are approaching.

I hope they kill me before....


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I do feel as though unpacking seems to take longer than packing. And thought that the time of the Black Plague panicked everyone more than anything else.

  2. Ow. It was a good try, but the Plague will get you every time.

    I certainly agree about the unpacking being somehow more work than the packing. It's not really, of course. It just isn't as much fun, with the anticipation gone.

    1. It sure does! The plague I mean...

      and yes, unpacking seems to take longer indeed! :)

  3. I liked your language treatment, very nice! I remember for a project in high school English, I learned to read the first 40 lines of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in Middle English. FUN. (NERD. ;-D!!!)
    --Kim Romaner, The Science of Making Things Happen

    1. Isn't is always the greatest challenges to learn things like that? I did Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet when I was in college for my year 12 English... what a challenge for us to have to read all of that out aloud - taking on those roles. I found it easy (I was in my 20's and had left school; so knew I had to just drop everything I had learned in my life, but I was amongst high school students). It was a great experience. All I did was wonder what it would be like to be literate in those times and yet still not able to as well-educated as some. It worked out better than I thought. :D