Saturday, 28 May 2016

Wiz Bang Love!

Chuck's prompt this week is interestingly hard... I had to think about it. 'It starts with a Bang!' There's so many different types, styles and ways a Bang happens... and this is my interpretation of it.

Our fingers touched as we sat on the lounge the Sports Channel showed the boxing and I noticed one of them was a leftie, saying he’d win… and BANG!... the emotions, the feelings we’ve had for each other over the last decade – since the last we dated (tried to date) came rushing back like a tidal wave.

It was intense… 

...we could feel it fill the huge living room as our shoulders moved toward each other and our palms pressed hard… 

...the warmth of his hand in mine – wonderful it finally felt to know he likes being this close to me.
His brown eyes connected with mine and he smiled, “Hey…”
“Hey you…” I smiled back leaning my forehead against his, his right hand touching my cheek softly, gently… oh… I’ll never forget that first caress of this man I’ve admired from afar and yet didn’t have the courage to approach – to tell him I really, totally, absolutely…

He tipped my chin up with his fingertips and…

We were out of breath…

Our emotions finally being realised about each other… our unrequited love…

The boxing had finished and there was a fishing show on. The left-handed boxer had won all four rounds; just like I said he would. But the Sports Channel is just a noise in the background as we…

… stare at each other on the lounge… holding each other close, not wanting this moment – this day, this afternoon – to finish.

My phone rang. I ignored its distant annoying Queen song (‘It’s A Kinda Magic’) in my bag right next to me… as the world of his living room and his rental house vanished and our little universe that was us – the one that began with a BIG BANG of its very own – was all that existed… for now. He watched me as my phone dinged that a text came through (which I ignored as well), “We’ve known each other for how long?”
I smiled, “Over a decade.”
He smiled too, as though what I did was contagious, “Yeah, and whenever we tried to get together… it was never the right time.” We untangled ourselves from each other and he played with my hands – my nails being a fascination to him as he glanced over, “Oh, fuck it, let’s date. If we wait too long…”
I smiled, “…we’ll be two old farts in a nursing home not knowing who’s who and wishing we’d done this sooner when we do know each other.”
He laughed kissing my right hand, “Yeah!”

The sun was bright when he finally walked me to my car… yes, mid-afternoon.

I had arrived in the morning…

I had opened the car door, tossed my jacket and handbag into the passenger side and pushed the keys into the ignition, then turned to see him smiling, “What?”
“Nothin’.” He pulled me close, kissed me gently, softly again, “You’re beautiful.”
I didn’t know what to say, so said nothing except pulled him closer, “You’re handsome.”
“Oh come on…”
I looked up at him, “I mean it.”
He smiled again, leaned down and kissed me more.

Wiz Bang! I’m in love! 


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    1. Thank you. :D The wonderful thing about this is that it's a true one. This is what happened on our first date at his place... it does feel wiz bang every time I'm near him.