Friday, 21 August 2015


Chuck has us writing about a character this week... only 250 word this time. I made it to that number - or there abouts.


Celine isn’t the kind of name you’d think of when you came into the Bounty Hunter circles.


Celine. A lithe redhead with skills of any kind from Karate, Kung-fu to Ballet to Ballroom Dancing; and yet she’d be packing heat under that tutu or hot little number of a dress during her undercover work. All the while, she’d be outsmarting the guy she’s been assigned to work with.

Celine is an artist.

She can show up in a city, do her work and leave in a somewhat seamless way that by the time the authorities have shown up, she’s vanished from their radar and signed back in at Headquarters.

Yes, she is a very well-qualified Bounty Hunter.

The question you have on your lips right now is: do you want to dance with her, work with her, or have a hot night of sex with her?  Either way, you’d wake up alone, surrounded by cops and government agents asking you what you know about her…

… and you’d know almost nothing because of who she is.

And she is… Celine.   


  1. Oooh, I like Celine! I love all of her talents. Very fun and creative. Great job!

    1. Thank you, Ashley. And even though, I've told you a little about her, there still more to learn - as there always is with Bounty Hunters. She has skills even I don't know about.

  2. Nice! Not sure I want to try to write her, but I like the sketch!