Saturday, 13 June 2015

Revenge Is Best Served Crazy

This week, Chuck gave a dead body... and not just any old dead carcass; no siree, bob! He asked us to write about a dead body, putting it into the first paragraph and taking it from there! 


It happened so fast that I really didn’t know I was dead until I turned around and found my dead friend from school standing next to me grinning. He stopped grinning when he knew that I didn’t know what happened, “You’re dead.” He moved and I saw my mutilated body on the floor.
“Holy shit.” My hand covered my mouth quickly, “I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”
“Nope.” He shook his head, “You were sitting at home here watching your favourite television show, when that dickhead in the truck outside thought to text to his girlfriend.”
Looking up, I saw huge grill of a MACK truck where my front window should be, “That’s not fair.”
He looked to his feet where the remains of my vintage teapot collection sat in a shattered pile of glass, porcelain and pottery, “I know. You were supposed to live for another thirty-five years, Thea. And I wasn’t supposed to see you upstairs until you were almost ninety.”
Fury welled in my gut as I felt … well, I didn’t know how to feel in this situation.

I was dead and it wasn’t my fault.

A moan emanated from the cab of the truck and we both looked, “He should be dead too.” I said.
“He soon will be.” He nodded, “He has some pretty bad injuries.”
“Injuries my arse.” I snapped, “He ran over me… look at my body! I can’t have an open casket with my head crushed like that!”
He looked at me, “You were planning on having a casket?”
“Well, yeah… but I didn’t want to have people know I was going to be deader than dead.” I walked over to my body, “Just look at me… it’s going to absolutely destroy my folks.”
“What the hell…?” a voice asked from above me.
I looked up through the shattered windscreen, “What the hell indeed! What the fuckin’ hell were you thinking, texting your slut girlfriend while you drove this shit thing through my front fence, into my living room and straight into me!” I stormed up to the front of the truck as the light bulbs in my kitchen exploded behind me.
Bobby flinched, “Holy crap, you have some power… forgot you were a witch.”
I ignored him, concentrating on the bastard driver who killed me, “Answer me, you shit!” I punched the front grill and it caved in as my fist came in contact with it, crunching – crumpling – under my super-energised anger of me.
The driver was more awake now, noticing the few strange things going on around him, “Oh my god…”
“God’s got nothing on you… nothing… you killed me!”
“Thea… let’s go… you can’t do anything now except scare the shit out of him.” Bobby reached out to touch me.
“Touch me Bobby and you’ll find yourself in another dimension.” I muttered.
He pulled his hand back as he swallowed thickly, “Okay, let’s go with the anger thing.”
The driver opened his door, and in turn I threw my hand open-palmed at it, making it slam shut, “No, I want you to stay there.”
“What’s going on?” he called out, “I want to go home.”
Climbing up onto the scratched and destroyed step of the cab, I looked straight at him, at his face lacking understanding of what he had just done, of how much he really didn’t want to be here, “You stay here, you dick.” I whispered softly.
“Who said that?” he shouted tears blurring his vision as he shook, “I want to go home.”
I shoved him and he jumped in his seat, “What the fuck…” he looked around, searching for who just touched him, not finding anyone around, “Who just shoved me?”
My anger became so strong, I wanted him to see me, and for a moment I made sure he did. As he turned and looked out the window of his cab, I was right there in his face, screaming at him, “You killed me!” before disappearing from the door and appearing next to Bobby.
“You finished?” he asked.
Tears filled my eyes as I felt the loss of my own life now.

I wasn’t going to come back.

The doctors weren’t going to be able to help me at the hospital this time…

The ambulance and coroner showed up and removed my body as the police peeled the driver out of the cab of truck.  He kept on muttering that he saw a ghost, that her voice was screaming at him all the time now… it was all he heard, all he saw.
He was going to be useless to society.
Bobby asked me again after all the guys and girls of the emergency services and the news crews had gone home for the day, “Okay, can we go now?”
I looked at him, “Yeah, we can now.”
“Why did you do that to him?”
“Bobby, I was a useful person to society until he killed me. Now, he can’t be useful to anyone because of me.” I said walking into the light with him, “It’s not my fault I’m dead, but it’s my fault he’s crazy.”

Taking my hand, he smiled, “Remind me to never piss you off.” 

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