Saturday, 21 March 2015


She first woke me at 2am.  I had just moved in the week before and she wasn’t happy with me living here – in her home – as I was yet another intruder she felt she had to get rid of.  However, to her, this was going to be another routine thing to do.
“What the hell!” I sat up in bed and turned on the bedside lamp, turned back but she was gone, “Who the hell was that?”

I didn’t sleep again that night – well not much anyway.  

I had to figure out who was living in my home with me.


  1. Okay that was creepy weird in a good way. Is there more?

    1. Yes... I found out who it was from my neighbours. A lovely old dear who used to live in my townhouse for years. She had had a fall the year before I moved in, however, she wasn't allowed to live on her own again. So, she was moved into a nursing home by her family.

      Not long after, she passed away (as they do when older people are moved out of places the love).

      However, when it came to renting out the place again, it was really tough. Nobody would stay a week... people kept getting freaked out by the place. The old lady kept on scaring them away. It took 3 months for anyone to stay more than a week (ie: me). I had to get her to stand still long enough to make her a promise: that I'd treat this place with the utmost respect and to treat it as though it was her place still. She was happy with that and passed over... I haven't had any supernatural problems since (she used to hide my house keys, lock me out and make strange noises around the place - like walking around in my bedroom while I was downstairs - to spook me). I don't have those problems anymore.