Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Dare

Okay, this is going to be fun!  Over the next 4 weeks, we (the people on Chuck Wendig's blog and me) are going to write a 4-part story.  This is the first installment... how fun, how cool, how ... very interesting.  I'll try and keep up the other installments of 'The Dare' if I can find them along the way. 


As I stand here on the very edge of the top of the fifty-second floors of ‘The Glory Hotel’, I wonder exactly how it came to be that I said yes to such a dumb idea.

Oh, yeah, that’s right… I said that it was not just David Copperfield who could fly, anyone could.

Was I drunk when I said that?  I sure hope I was, because I really hate heights; and the last thing I need is to test my humanity right now.  Turning from my perch, I look back at my stupid friends who are pushing me, throwing rubbish from the roof at me and are screaming at me to ‘do it!’ that I was a wimp if I didn’t.

Was I a wimp?


I mean I was human, but not really… you see I was born here on Earth, but I did turn out to have a few extras built into my DNA that the normal Human Being just didn’t have.

Like what?  Um… I can bench press 350kg cold.  I really can!  And yet I’m built like a weed.  I don’t look like it, but I can sucker-punch anyone into the middle of next week too.  But I’d never do it; I’m just not brought up that way – and nobody is going to force me to do that.
Other ‘skills’ I’ve been able to do is have a toughened skeletal structure… and skin that heals very quickly; and I don’t mean in 3 days, I mean as I watch it in about a minute.  This is another reason why I don’t get into fights with anyone… it would just freak the shit outa them!

And until recently – like my 18th Birthday – I found out I not only levitate, but fly short distances.  Well, I told my best friend, and I found out what a big blabbermouth they turned out to be.

Yeah, who needs enemies when you have friends like that, right?

Well, this leads me to standing here on the ledge of the building where … oh shit on a pancake… there’s the cops all the way down there!
Turning, I glare at my ‘friends’ , “Well, jeez, Amelia, thanks.”
She meets my glare as she stalks up to me in her outfit which makes her look like a street-walker, “What?”
“Who called the cops?”
She looks over the edge, smirking, then stifles a laugh, “Oh, shit, I didn’t think they’d believe me!”
I step back from the ledge, “What!”
This is when things got deadly, and Amelia pulls a 32 out of her handbag, “Oh, no you don’t.  You are going to fly… you told me you could.”
“I told you it was a secret.”
“And you expected me to sit on that shit for how long?” she smiles, “Especially after you showed me… you’re a fuckin’ mutant, and you’re going to show everyone.”
“Shoot me first.” I say, “I’d rather be dead than be a joke.”
“Fly!” she screams stepping closer, just within reach.
“Make me!” I shout back.
Sitting on the ledge, she grimaces, “Don’t you make me…”
As soon as she looks away, I grab her wrist, yanking her to her feet, watching the gun fall away down below us, “Good, now you’re unarmed, we can get to business.”
Tears blur her vision as she struggles to get away from me, screaming into the night air, “Oh my god!  Let me go!  She’s going to throw me off the building!”
I held her close against me whispering, “Throw you?  Nah, that’s too good for you… to watch you fall, watch your body splatter onto the ground for what you’ve done to me.  Instead, sweetheart, my friend, dear… chump… I’m going to teach you a lesson about exactly what I am…”  with that, I take a deep breath and jump off the edge of the building, taking flight into the night air with Amelia screaming the whole time as she clings to me.

But, I have a plan… 

The Dare - Part Two

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