Friday, 20 May 2016

Draku's Bloodline

Chuck's little boy is turning 5... and so he's chosen some things his kid has said to get us to use in our stories. Man, his boy has some weird things to say... but I like them. I chose: 'They said it was legend, but I know it's real.


I made sure the heat lamp wasn’t too hot on the shell as I pulled the curtain to my bedroom window and curled up next to the large egg on my bed.
Sleeping has been difficult over the past month because I’ve been sharing my bedroom with a large egg.

It’s not mine – as if a Human can lay an egg! I found it a few streets away and brought it home and tried to find out exactly what it was.

From all my sources and research through my books, it’s a Fire Drake egg.

They said it was legend, but I know it’s real.

‘They’ are anyone I’ve tried to tell – and yes, this includes you as you’re sitting there trying to figure out if I’m out of my mind or smoking too much weed (and by the way, I don’t smoke that crap).
I’m also trying to hide this puppy from anyone who wants to get their hands on it – ie: the Government – because all they’re going to do is experiment on the thing before it hatches. And once it does, they’ll end up killing it then chopping it up into itty-bitty pieces to see where it came from.
I don’t want that… and I’m sure you don’t either.
I’m writing this as a document to prove that we have other life on this planet besides the self-centered idiots called Humans. We have life here nobody can comprehend. We have life here which has been here well before us – and will be here well after we’re gone. We’ll have …

He’s not very big – about the size of a small computer monitor – but truthfully, I don’t know what breed he is. I do have books on Fire Drakes and am not sure what size he’s going to grow to.
As soon as he hatched the other night, he saw me and called me ‘Mamau’ which is Welsh for Mother. At least I know what region he’s from. I started teaching him English so he knew what I was saying and he could tell me what he wanted.

It’s been two weeks of intensive training and work with Draku. He’s been working well with me, but I have had to move us out into the countryside so he could learn to fly without running into other buildings. This means, I have to drive my van – and this terrified him at first. But then, when I found a place where there was a good cave for him, he was okay with me hanging around. He totally enjoyed learning from me and loved being with me. I was his Mother, his teacher, his everything – for now.
I know there will be a time when he’ll fly away for the day and not come back that night… when he’ll just keep flying to find somebody like himself to mate with. But truthfully, I don’t know if there is another like him in the world; and this is the problem.

Draku has been missing for almost a week.
I’m worried somebody has caught him… I hope not.
I’ll stick around camp and see how I go.
The sun is going down and I’ve just lit the fire again … I hear wings!
But Draku isn’t alone! I hear cars… choppers… other humans! They’re yahooing and screaming…
“Oh shit!” I pull out my firearms and arm myself as quickly as possible, but Draku has pulled up in front of the camp with his back to me. His wings are flare open, showing their gorgeous purple skin stretched across their huge arms like bat skin. He pulls in a lungful of cold night air and bellows out bright fire from his mouth and nose, burning to the ground the people who were invading on our camp grounds. As he raised his head up, to shoot a snort of flame at the chopper, a shot rings out!
I race out into the darkness, climbing the rocks and boulders which reflected the fire I had built to keep me warm tonight, only to have to watch my Fire Drake collapse.
His aim was impeccable! He had gotten the chopper after they shot at him, but…
I jumped down to his large form… yes my Draku had grown so much over the last month or so I hadn’t noticed that he was no long tiny – not until now.
“Draku.” I clambered over his beautiful form, him on his side breathing shallow breaths as I searched for where he had been hit… and when I found where his violet blood was oozing out faster than it should, tears pricked my eyes, blurring my vision, “No.” my voice cracked, “Not my baby boy…”
“Mamau… you love Draku much.”
“Yes. I love you.”
“Let me go.”
“I brought you out here to let you fly…”
“Too many here to be truly free.” He said.
I applied pressure on his fatal wound and he groaned as his gorgeous iridescent eyes filled with tears and his free wing wrapped around my shoulders gently, “No, leave me, Mamau.”
With his blood colouring my hands, I tried to not cry in front of my sweet boy… my Fire Drake, “What do I do with you?”
“Burn… me…” His eyes glistened, “First, drink my blood. Will keep me within you forever.”

I will never forget my Draku.
His kind is gone but not dead.
People think Fire Drakes are of legend, but I know they are real.
I have Draku’s blood running through my veins… thus I will never age, I will no longer have any medical problems and my blood is no longer red… my blood runs purple just like Draku’s.

Draku accepted me as his own; and now I must find others like me – but that’s if there are others who have survived like him.


  1. Love the twist at the end and Draku sounds so adorable.

    1. Thank you so much ... he was adorable... a purple Fire Drake. :D