Saturday, 11 June 2011

Borrowed Time

Ironic isn't it
how the smallest thing 
about anyone
can make them live on borrowed time.
It can be the sudden decline of their health;
and they find out that
the next few years are all
borrowed time with family and friends.
They see each day and week as milestones; 
as brilliant sparks in their lives to treasure.

It can be when you've gotten that time back,
that second chance to live...
survived that cancer, 
that near-fatal car accident,
that close call...
and counted yourself 'lucky'.

After that, you see everything totally different.
All the things around you appear more special,
your friends count more to you,
family mean that much more to you spiritually.
Each plant, animal and flower is illuminated.

But then, there's that type of borrowed time,
of a different sort... the type nobody likes.
It's when you know where the road ends,
the eviction notice is coming in the mail,
your blood works really don't look good
and your X-Rays don't have to be explained.

This type of borrowed time is full of dread,
full of sadness and preparation.
You sort out your Will, your house, your debt.
You try fulfill your dreams and wishes 
in those last few years, months, weeks or days.
This type of borrowed time is... 
full of sunken stomachs and sleepless nights
where you watch the moon drift by on her nightly visit.
You look around your house and wonder:
will they fight over everything or 
be happy with what you've given them.

Borrowed time...
has so many different meanings; and yet,
it can be brilliant and horrible in the same way.