Monday, 18 December 2017

Saving Christmas - Part Two

Morning dawned the week before Christmas in the dungeon where Santa, the Blue Fairy, Mother Nature, The Tooth Fairy and Odin were kept.
“Exactly why I was nabbed, I’m still not sure.” Odin snapped, “I was readying for my feast with my family answered the door, and there was a bright light, and the next thing I knew...” he looked around the large dungeon in wonder, “I was here!”
Santa shook his head, “I was stupid enough to drink some milk after running into my cousin... my magic was turned off and bang, I turned back into my former self.” He looked at himself, “I’m part of the Family Business, Odin, you know, deliver the gifts and bring peace to the world. But looking like this? I’m likely to scare every child there is!”
Mother Nature sat in the corner tapping the fingers of her right hand together, trying to make her magicks spark, but only a tiny blue spark would fizzle from between her digits. She frowned, “Well, I think that individually, our magicks have been sapped by somebody, and I’d like to know who!”
The Blue Fairy turned her sapphire eyes over to the woman, “Individual magicks...”
Odin nodded, “But if we work together, it might cause a big enough spark to get us the...”
“Watch your language, Odin.” Santa grumbled, “I may look like Krampus, but I still deliver toys to your children.”

“Now, where was he last seen?” Mrs. Claus looked over the maps and GPS of the last call-in.
“At the Swan house.” Barry said pointing out a part of New York Santa had been delivering to for over forty years, “We’ve never had a problem with the place, not until last year.” He frowned, “Not until that wayward elf was allowed to work with Krampus... and he started getting all...”
Her head turned, her silver-white hair still in their curlers under her kerchief, “All what, Barry?”
A blush heated up his face, “We had an elf last year who started acting a little too Human, but she was too elf-like to be part of the Human Race.”
“So, she was permitted to work with Krampus.” He said, “Since then, things have been going – well – wonky. You know, strange.”
Mrs. Claus walked over to the hall stand by the door, “Well, let’s visit with Mr. Krampus, shall we?”
“Mrs. Claus, I think it best if you fix your hair first... you still have...” he pointed to her kerchief.

Feeling her head, a smiled crept onto her face, “Of course! I will have to dress better than this!”