Thursday, 18 August 2011

In Between Seasons

August is that time of the year
where the seasons aren't quite right.
It's not quite the end of Winter;
and Spring hasn't Sprung,
but yet our days and nights are still...

Yes, it's a strange time of the year
as our trees flowers bloom too early,
the nights are still chilly,
and yet, the days start out nice and warm,
but end up cooling off early in the afternoon.

This time of the year is also Show Time,
and I don't mean on cable television.
We have a Royal Annual Show in Brisbane,
where the weather can be good or bad -
and never just lovely for the time it's here.

So, whenever you're visiting Australia
in the weird old month of August
expect the weather to be just as strange.
From cold to hot to wet to almost-Springlike,
You just don't know what's going on with...
in between seasons.