Saturday, 28 March 2015


Chuck has asked us to write something filthy, dirty and downright disgusting... well, I've done that in all kinds of ways - I hope.  I know for one thing:  I didn't hold back on this one.  I normally do a little.


Damian had set up the cameras around the room, as asked by Frederick while his flatmate was out on his date with Cindy.  He had to make sure these cameras weren’t able to be seen by anyone; but Frederick told him where to set them up, so he could pick them out when he wanted to.

Damian hated this idea.

He liked Cindy.

She was cool, innocent in just the right ways and very pretty.

This got her all the wrong attention from the wrong guys.

Sighing he picked up his tablet and lined up the signal to all of them, so they’d switch on at the same time and left the flat leaving on a few lamps around the living room to give off the right light for adjustment.  He went to the flat three doors down – an empty one – to do the recording to stay out of the way for the night. 

A few hours passed and he had ordered pizza, had gone out and bought a six pack or so of beer and Frederick came home on the fourth beer.  He put down his beer, wiped his hands on the legs of his jeans and put on his headphones as the show began:
‘Isn’t Damian home?’ Cindy’s slight form walked into view from across the room on the living room camera.
“Damn she’s gorgeous.” Damian whispered to himself, “Why didn’t I ask her out?”
‘Nah, he’s out for the night.’ Frederick’s voice warbled a little.  Damian quickly fixed that with a few taps of the keyboard.  The next camera switched on and the kitchen one brought them up a lot closer, ‘Wanna a coffee?’
“She drinks tea you moron.” Damian said.
‘I’ll have a tea.’ She said walking to the lounge where the camera above the tv on the bookcase switched on. It was hidden between a couple of books and not easily noticed. Cindy sat down, putting her bag on the floor, ‘That was a great meal.’
‘Yeah, I never knew there was an African restaurant here in our small town.’ Frederick remarked finishing in the kitchen. He brought over the two mugs – one of tea, one of coffee – into the living room and joined Cindy on the lounge.  After sitting beside her, Frederick almost had no clue what to do with her… it was as though Damian was going to have to phone him and walk him through how to make a move on her; but then, he look at her and smiled, the edge of his hand touching hers.

You could almost feel the electricity in the air snap between them.

Damian’s heart dropped. 

Cindy liked Frederick.  This is how it always went with women; they liked his friend more than they liked him.  Damian was nice, but Frederick was the charmer; even though he was the dickhead.

He kept a watch on the two in the darkness of the empty flat as they started making out, taking each other’s clothes off, nuzzling, kissing, fumbling… enjoying and…

Damian watched on as Frederick peeled her clothes off piece by piece and had Cindy on the lounge.  Her eyes closed, back arched, arms around his flatmate… when that should have been him doing that to her.  Then, as though this was a porno film, he watched on as they became more and more sweaty and her cries of pleasure filled the air, filled his ears… making him sweaty, making him hard, making him want her so much that he hated himself for doing what he was doing now.
But for some reason, he couldn’t stop himself from watching it, pulling on his pants as his hard-on made everything uncomfortable in every way, becoming sensitive as hell as he tried not to touch himself… and yet couldn’t help himself as he watched.
“This is disgusting…” he muttered knowing if he gave in to playing with himself now, it would mean he’d be the pervert.  Damian tried to ignore his dick and concentrated on … other things, but couldn't. As the two on the screen got busy, he unzipped his jeans, shoved his hand down his pants and jerked off in time with her cries.
He sat back as he felt a sweat break out all over his body.  He shuddered and he climaxed everywhere. Damn, what a mess.  Damian stood awkwardly, and walked off to find something to clean up his mess, ashamed he had let himself get so much pleasure out of something he shouldn't have. 

By the time he looked back at the screen, the two were gone.  He flipped from camera to camera and couldn’t see them anywhere around the living room, kitchen or hall of the flat.  He wondered where they had disappeared to, until Frederick walked into view wearing a towel around his waist.
They had showered together.
She came out soon after with wet hair and grabbed her clothes to get dress, but Frederick was ready to go again.
“Oh, jeez, not again…” Damian sighed taking the headphones off and closing the laptop, getting up from the table.  He pulled at the crotch of his pants again, “I can’t do this.”

He spotted her in the huge library at the university looking very tired.  Cindy was trying to concentrate on her studies when Damian walked to her side, “Hi.”
She looked up and he could see the dark rings under her eyes, “Hey, Damian. How was your weekend?”
He nodded, “Good… you look stuffed… you okay?”
Yawning, she offered him a seat next to her, “I didn’t sleep very well over the weekend.”
“Neither did Frederick.” He said.
“He and I went out… but…” she hesitated, “I… oh I can’t tell you, you’re his friend.”
He looked at her, “Did he hurt you?”
“No… just… I went out to dinner with him and, I think he put something in my tea.” She said looking at her notes blankly, “I woke up in your flat but have no idea how I got there.”
“Oh… I have to tell you something about the weekend.” He said, “You might hate me for it, but I can’t tell you here.”

Cindy pulled the headphones off as she closed the laptop quickly, “I can’t believe you did that!”
He looked to his hands, “Neither can I.”
“Did you watch?”
“A little… but I stopped… I didn’t want to do this.  And I don’t like what he does to girls.” He said, “Did you notice that you never went into his room?”
“There’s a reason for that.” Damian said, “And I can show you.” He put out his hand hoping she’d take it, hoping she wouldn’t think he’d be a shit, and he was grateful when she took it, “You have to trust me when I tell you that I never wanted to do any of this to you.”

They arrived at Damian’s flat and heard noises through the door of Frederick with another girl.  So, instead of going inside, he motioned her down the hall to the empty flat where he was situated, let himself in, turned on the lights and walked to the table.
Closing the door, Cindy checked her phone where she had missed a call from Frederick.  Her thumb brushed the screen as she watched Damian turn on his tablet and have a look at what the cameras were recording.  Sure enough, he had another girl on the lounge in much the same way as he had screwed Cindy, “Oh my god.  He’s just gone onto the next chick.”
“Yeah.” He said turning it off and sitting down, “I’m really sorry.  This should never have happened to you.”
“You truly feel terrible, don’t you?” she touched his hand.
“It’s because I … oh, shit… I really like you, and Frederick just took you away from me.” Damian looked at her hand as he turned his hand around, rubbing her fingers with his thumb, “I really want to be with you Cindy.”
She covered their hands with her left hand, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
He shrugged, “Dunno.”

Frederick was sitting on the lounge, watching the goings-on between Cindy and Damian on his laptop.  Bette was making coffee for them both as he smiled at the result of his set-up.
“Did it work?” she asked.
“Yep… they’re talking – at long fucking last!” he said, “I’ve been trying to get him to talk to her for so long.”
She placed the coffee mug next to his laptop on the coffee table, as he drew the long usb cord and plugged it into the large flat-screen television, “Now, to watch the fun and games before putting it all onto YouTube.”
“Hey he didn’t do that to you.”
Sipping from his cup, he smirked, “No, but he’s gutless.”
Bette put her mug down, “And you’re just a dick.” She grabbed her things and turned to leave when she heard a click at the door and looked over her shoulder.
Frederick had pulled a gun from somewhere, “You try to leave, and I’ll kill you.”
“Still think you’re a dick.” She put down her bags and rejoined him on the lounge.

Damian and Cindy sat at the table smiling and talking.  He looked over all the equipment sitting around he had brought with him and sighed, “I know you think this is creepy.  But if I was Frederick, I would make something up with another chick… another film… run it on a loop, make it look like something it’s not and double cross me.”
Doubt fleeted across Cindy’s face, “Really?”
“Yeah… really.” He stood, holding her close, whispering in her ear, “Don’t say anything, just pack up, and we’ll go out somewhere.”
She looked into his eyes, smiling, knowing that ‘somewhere’ meant that they were going to bust Frederick at his own game.  She liked where this was going, Damian was exciting… more exciting than Frederick had told her he was.

They sat outside the building in his car as the police busted into Frederick’s flat.  He had worked on pornographic website to make it loop around and hooked it into the cameras in the flat a few doors down from where he lived the night Frederick had him working on the cameras in their place. 

It had taken him all night, but he did it.

Damian had also packed his car with his belongings as well, so the police only caught Frederick, and not a thing on him. 

The police found Frederick with the laptop hooked up to the television, with the film he had ‘taped’ from a few flats down uploading to YouTube while he was sitting on his lounge naked with a chick (who turned out to be a prostitute who was working for Damian and so she spilled the beans immediately to the cops).   The cops let her go, charged Frederick and searched the flat saying they had been tipped off by Damian.
“That little fuck!  He’s so gutless!  He’s so shy!” Frederick screamed.

One of the cops turned to him, “If he’s so gutless and shy, how did he get one over on you so big you didn’t even know it was happening under your nose?”