Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Love Triangle

This week, we were given 3 tables to pick a word from each table... then to write a story from it of 1,000 words.  I chose library, a Vampire, a forbidden tryst.


It’s normally just on closing when I spot him from the front counter.  He walks in with his head down, with his sunglasses on, with that long, black leather jacket on, his hair spiky and weird and all the jewelled colours of green, purple and royal blue. 
It makes my meatsuit go all dewey... and I have to take a deep breath to make sure I keep myself under control.

He often glances over to me.

A smile pulls the corner of his mouth up, but just a little and my knees go all wobbly behind the counter as I pick up the microphone for the P.A system and press the button down: “It’s three minutes to closing.  Please choose your reading material and come to front counter to check it out.  Thank you for coming to the Logan North Library and have a nice day.” I put the microphone down as I switch it off and begin the walk around to check the aisles – just in case we have a few people with their ear buds plugged in and they didn’t hear the announcement.

I find four teenagers huddling in the far corner of the reference section tweeting and texting each other... I mean, what’s the use of socialising if they’re doing that?  Well, I gently tap them on the shoulders and advise them that it’s closing time with a kind smile on my face.

They grunt and pack up.

Yep, teenagers today... I could just rip their faces off.  But the human in me won’t allow it.

...won’t allow it... shit, I think I’m becoming too much of a human.

I keep up the search and look through all the meeting rooms, the childrens’ section and the toilets.  Yes, everyone’s gone, and I’m the last one here... well, me and my mystery guest who has been showing up on closing.

Now... where is he hiding?

I can almost smell him.

Turning toward the staff room, I’m confronted by his tall form as his hand is about to touch my shoulder.  His eyes connect with mine and he smiles at me.
“Hi.” I smile back.
“Hello, demon.” He grins.
“You’re the only one here who can spot that I’m not human.”
“Just like you’re the only one around here who can spot I’m a vampire.” He said dropping his hand to his side.
“But what are you doing here?”
“It’s not you I’m here for.” He said, “It’s your meatsuit.  She’s attracted to me; and I know it.” Stepping forwards, he whispered, “Deep down, I think you know it too.”
Looking at him as he steps back, I figure it couldn’t hurt to ask Alison (the human I’m possessing) if she’d like to be with this vampire.  Staggering a little, she burst forward, as though a child let out into the sun after a few days of rain, “Hi!  I’m Alison!  And you’re so ... well, um... hi.”
“Allison, huh?” he grins looking her up and down, “Pretty name.  I’m Ryan.” He put out his hand to be shaken.  As soon as she takes it, he pulls her close, wrapping his other arm around her, holding her close to his body as she takes in a deep, shaking breath of shock.
This always happens to Humans – they’re so weak when it comes to hypnotising them.
Taking in a deep breath through his nostrils, he takes in everything about her... her scent, her perfume, the smell of her conditioner, her fear of him right now.

He’s going to change that.

Yes... he can change that, right now.  His teeth elongates as his opens his mouth to allows room for them to grow – and his hunger badgers him to feed it; screams at him to fulfill it! – and he lowers his mouth to her neck as she tilts her head at just the right angle...
Alison’s body jerks and the scent changes completely!
“Dammit!” He shoves her away, “Why are you doing this?”
I smile, “You don’t get it.”
He turns and walks way, “I’m not staying unless I get Alison.”

Three days later, just on closing he’s back. He skulks around the library just before closing and he hides again – as usual – and waits for me.
Sitting at the collection of computers near the check-out desk, he watches me close down the main computer system for the night, “I don’t get what?” he asks.
Smiling I turn off the screen I have been working on, “Never mind.”
He stand and walk to the desk, “No… I’ve been around for over two centuries and women still use this crap on me.  What don’t I get?  And don’t say ‘Never mind’.  That’s crap.”
I walk around the counter, switching off the lights as I grab my bag on the way through, “Okay.  She likes you – a lot – but I love you.  I have seen you throughout the centuries go about your business and we have never been allowed to be together; not until now.  The apocalypse hit and they threw out the book, burned up all the pages… and now anything goes!”
He stood there looking me up and down, “You demons smell disgusting.”
“Oh… I didn’t know.”
“It’s your bodily scent.”
“I went to Hell… I came back like this.”
“I know. But I want Alison, please, let her go.” He stood there looking at me.  I knew he wasn’t going to leave me alone until he got who he wanted – and it wasn’t me.
“Okay.” Stepping back, I left her body, watching him catch her as she collapsed.

He truly did love her… want her… need her.

I was just in the way…

This is the one time I’ve hated being a Demon.