Thursday, 21 December 2017

Saving Christmas - Part Five

Barry pulled out of his pocket a device and turned it on. It was a phone with a GPS installed and – after he tapped in a code – the phone opened up to three or four apps.
“What’s that for?” Krampus asked.
“Well, we have to find Santa, I’ve been keeping tabs on all of them.” He said.
“Gimme that!” the tall, dark demon reached out for it, but the elf pulled it out of his reach, “What’s so special about you having this thing and not me?” Barry looked to the device, avoiding eye contact again, and Krampus grabbed him, shoving him against the nearby wall of the living room, where the Head Elf dropped the phone.

The lights came on in the dungeon and all five of them sat there looking at each other for a moment before they realised where they were.
“We’re at Krampus’ house?” Santa asked as he stood slowly and moved toward the door, “This can’t be right.”
The Blue Fairy looked outside where lights from the trees began to illuminate and shimmer, “My wish, it’s happening.”
Mother Nature joined her at the window, “You used the only thing you knew to get something happening; and who’d know that Disney thing would be true?”
“Well, I am the Blue Fairy; and I told him to include it in the movie.” She smiled, “So many children began to believe in fairies after that.”
Odin snorted, “So, that’s why Norse mythology has gone out the window?”
Santa looked at himself, “But I’m still looking like Krampus.”

Mrs. Claus looked around, “Something happened.”
The young half-elf nodded, “Yes. The house shook, and where’s Barry?”
Exchanging doubtful looks, the two moved to the door, opened it and walked out to the balustrade of the first floor to find Krampus had cornered Barry.
The Head Elf looked up at the two his arms flailing, “Mrs. Claus, please help!”
Walking down the stairs, she kept silent, as she rounded Krampus’ large, dark form and picked up the phone off the floor, “What is this? You have a red and green one on you already. This one is blue.”
“I... um... well...” he mumbled.
“Tell her about what you’ve been up to!” Krampus growled, his eyes burning red as he shoved him against the wall again.
“Krampus, let him go, let him explain without you tearing him apart.” Mrs. Claus touched the dark creature’s arm and he suddenly quietened, and stepped back but didn’t let go of the elf’s arm, “Okay.”
“I organised to have Santa kidnapped – and his friends you’d normally turn to to find him.” Barry said, “I did this because I’m always passed over by Santa for promotion; and I wanted to get him back.”
The older woman frowned, “So you turned my husband into something he’s not and made him vanish? Then, kidnapped his other friends as well?”
He nodded, “And that’s not all.”
Krampus raised a blackened eyebrow, “What do you mean?”
Barry flinched just before he opened his mouth, “Your little helper there? I organised to have her moved here. She wasn’t too Human, she was after my job, so I got rid of her.”
Mrs. Claus took a step back as the shock of this news hit her, “You got rid of the only person in the North Pole who I saw as a daughter amongst that rabble all because she was better at a job than you were?”
He pouted, “I’ve been Head Elf for over three hundred years; and when a woman wants to take over the job from you – and you’re a guy – you have to wonder where you’ve gone wrong!”
Krampus looked over at Mrs. Claus, “Well, you made a lot of wrong moves there boy... and I think I know how to fix it.” He turned around to find the young Halfling standing next to him, “You really miss working at the North Pole, don’t you?”
“More than anything!” she sighed, “And to find out how this all happened, well, I’d love to have his job.”
The tall, dark demon smirked, “First thing’s first: tell us where Santa and his group of buddies are and we’ll let them dish out the punishment.”