Monday, 12 October 2015

The Trilogy

Okay… I was hoping to write ‘Fry Nelson: Bounty Hunter’ as a series of short stories – say 5 or so per book – and keep the reader hunting and waiting for more. But with the public mind the way it is, it’s best if I puked up the whole lot of chapters into 15 – 20 chapter books and see where it all took me. I didn’t plan these books – as when I do plan things they never work out, or I get blocked something rotten in my writing. So, my writing is often something that just flows out of me and is very unplanned and so lends to being as flexible as possible.

The Trilogy

Fry Nelson is a man who’s just woken from a 5 year induced coma. He works for ‘The Company’ and the year is around 2050… Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is a very different place as it travels into the 21st Century.

Fry’s life hasn’t been easy. But he doesn’t remember the past five years as he recovers from his long sleep in the deepest basements of ‘The Company Private Hospital’ where the doctors and the best of the best programmers, Paul Andrews, has been working him day and night to get his mind working again.
Sitting by Paul’s side is Angelina Harrison – the CEO of ‘The Company’. She is a tough as balls woman whose age can’t be judged by anyone and yet is the best person to have by your side when the shit hits the fan. Angelina built ‘The Company’ from the ground up with her own money, her own business sense and without pulling in any Government assistance – not that she needed any.
She’s been working with Paul to make sure Fry is working well… better than well… working exceptionally. She wants him back out into the world doing what he does best – the crap nobody else wants to do, because he’s good at it.

However, not everything goes to plan.

As Fry arrives back home, his programming nearly kills him… people who he doesn’t know – doesn’t remember – from his old life are out to kill him and anyone he becomes close to, and as he does start remembering aspects of his old life, he finds out things he wishes he could bury forever; but the more he tries to ignore these things, the more important they become to him finding out about exactly who he is, where he’s from and where his life is going to end up – and why does Angelina Harrison take such a massive interest in his life when an employer normally doesn’t?

This is just book one... books two and three become more exciting and delve deeper into the characters, secondary characters and bring them all together in such a way that not even I saw what was coming in the end...