Monday, 1 February 2016


Chuck has us writing something to do with social media today. Be it as a Facebook page, Twitter or a Blog, he wants us to tell a story through the posts and tweets of a character through these things. Seeing I'm a blogger, I thought to stick with what I knew.


1st, January, 2016

Happy New Year – 2016!

Happy New year, peeps! Man, I’m so very tired, and have only returned home from a friend’s house where we partied at a place called Lakeside. There was a huge street party on there, and fireworks at 9pm as their little kiddles had to go to bed early… we stayed up to watch ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ on a dvd I brought until around 1am… very cool… where we heard the midnight fireworks going off in the distance.

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4th, January, 2016

Girl’s Day Out

I took a friend out around Brisbane today in the Little Green Machine. She’s from the States and hadn’t seen much of this beautiful city. So, seeing I’m feeling less tired, I thought to drive her around to my favourite places while her husband was out working.
We took off from her place at around 10:30am and I’ve only just arrived home at 5:30pm. Man! What a day! But I passed an ambulance on the way into the unit complex. The coroner was parked in the back car park and police were here too questioning my fellow neighbours.  Aparently, unit 35’s tenant died unexpectedly. They asked me when I left the place … this is weird. We’ve never had anything like this before.

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10th, January, 2016

Power Outage

I haven’t been online because we haven’t had any power over the last two days. Yep, we had a huge storm which fried the grid down the road! And what a storm it was! Woah! I loved it – as usual and within about 20 minutes we lost power and it never came back on until today.

Sure I lost food and my fridge blew up on me… but insurance will cover that. But what a light show! No damage to report.

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14th, January, 2016

Spoke Too Soon

As my title says: I spoke too soon. The poor sick old lady in unit 33 died during the storm the other day. Her carer came to check on her today, asking if we’d seen her (but she goes for days on end without leaving her house) and he went inside and found her in her living room on the floor.

It looked like a heart attack; which was something we kind of expected because she wasn’t well for a long time.

I took a walk around the unit complex and found that unit 35 is all packed up, his blue 4X4 is gone from the car park (and yet I hadn’t heard a tow truck come in and pick it up over the last few days). How strange is that?

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19th, January, 2016

Too Quiet

I love the silence to sleep at night just like everyone else, but it’s been so quiet around here. I don’t hear any children running around in the mornings with their mothers telling them to shut up and get ready for school, there’s nobody over the back fence partying on at 9:30pm after they arrive home from a friend’s house on a Sunday.

I haven’t seen or heard a car move around the unit complex in over three nights! And that’s not the creepiest thing: three more units of people/families have died mysteriously.

One of them was my next door neighbours. All their belongings are gone now… even their cats are gone (and one of those cats hates being touched by anyone unless it gets to know you).

I’m scared…

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21st, January, 2016

Armageddon? Apocalypse? Who Knows?

I hate this. I haven’t slept for more than four hours in the past couple of nights. The car gate won’t let me out, neither will the pedestrian gate. The streets are empty and I don’t know what to do.

I called emergency services but they told me that my area has been swept and cleared by them, that I was removed by them. How can that be if I’m here typing this out to you in cyberspace?

Does this mean I’m alive?

Does this mean I’m dead?

What does this mean?

If everything here at my house is still connected up, what happens to me? Are they listening to me, reading this as I post my on my blog? How come they didn’t come for me and yet they came for everyone else? Am I the one they're containing because I might have a disease? 

OMG! What if it is me??? Fuck!!! What the fuck have I got? 

I don’t understand how this has happened. I wish I did. You know, it’s weird how I wanted to have the silence to read, to write, to be on my own and enjoy the freedom of being … but now I have it, it’s horrible. I want people back in my life!

I want my old life back!

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29th, January, 2016

The End, My Friend

I’m out of food. Yes, I had enough food to last me this long – and now I’m out of food completely. The water has been cut off so I’ve been collecting it off the trees with a plastic bag, but it tastes strange. I’ve been sick over the past few days. I think they’ve been doing something to the area – I’m not sure.

It might be that I am sick - like I mentioned above - I'm not sure.

Who knows? I might be just a carrier of whatever it is that they think I have.

I found the front car gate open this morning. I think they know I’m still here, so I’ve packed the car with as much stuff as I’m willing to take with me and I’m getting out of here. This will be my last post for a long time… until I find the next place to call home.

That is if I survive the journey of whatever the hell happened here…

I hear guns. Voices! 

(They know I want to leave!)

They’re inside!

(Oh shit!)

They’re coming up the stairs!

They’re armed…

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