Saturday, 14 November 2015

Don't Fear The Reaper

Song titles are great to write to. This week, Chuck has us writing to them - but we must go with the theme of the song... mine? 'Don't Fear The Reaper' - a great 1970's song!


My eyes opened to rain on my face.

How did I come to be on the side of the road – in a ditch to be precise – amongst the dirt, mud and long grass?

Sitting up, I looked around quickly and found my car was on its roof! The beautiful metallic red had been scraped off its side by some monster and most of the windows shattered!
I wanted to be sick – my sweet ride had been totaled by somebody. Walking up to the passenger side door, I bent down to look inside as the emergency services showed up and started putting down foam and sawdust to take up the petrol and oil.
“Hey, when do I need to go to hospital? I woke up over there…” I asked one of the medics, but he turned his back on me and talked to a cop. I waited to see if he’d turn back and speak to me, but he didn’t, instead, he ran up to the ambulance shaking his head, “Call the coroner, think she’s gone.”
“Hi Amy.” A voice said behind me and I turned to see a well-dressed young woman standing next to my car, “You’ve had a really bad night, haven’t you?”
“How come nobody will talk to me, but you will.” I asked.
She put her head to one side, “You don’t know…oh no… it happened too quick for you to register.”
“Register what?” 
She shook her head, “I can’t tell you unless you admit it to yourself; and you have to remember what happened tonight as well.”
“I got dumped, that’s what happened. He proposed to me, then a week before the wedding, he fuckin’ got cold feet and made off with one of the sluts better known as a Bridesmaid.” I snapped.
“You were on your way home from his place, right?”
“His parent’s house.” I corrected her.
“That’s right. Then?”
“Then what? I woke up over … there.” I pointed to the ditch I found myself in, “But how did I get there?” I turned to find she was gone, “And who were you?”
I had to remember what happened tonight and what happened to my sweet car. 

I started to cry.

“She died on impact.” The voice echoed through the morgue. This place was creepy on television shows; you have no idea what it’s like to actually see one up close and personal – especially when they’re carving up your own body and you’re watching on.
“Oh, dear, an Engagement ring.” A Medical Examiner pulled that rock off my finger and placed it in an envelope, “I bet it all went south and … no we can’t assume about people’s lives. Was there alcohol involved?”
Her assistant looked at the chart and read the results, “No. She hadn’t been drinking; but the other driver was way over the limit; and they’re in theatre right now.”
“What a shitty way to go.”
“Amy, are you ready to go?” the young well-dressed woman was back.
“Where did you go?”
“I had … other things… to take care of first.” She looked at the two Medical Examiners, “I see they’re doing their best with your body.”
“Yes.” I replied in a small voice.
“Don’t worry, you’ll look good at your service.”
“Where is she?” Matthew’s voice screamed from the hallway, “Oh my God! Don’t tell me that Amy’s dead… she can’t be!” he barged into the room and stopped. His face was contorted with grief, disbelief and horror as he caught a glimpse at what they were doing, “No! No! Not my sweetheart!” he fell to his knees sobbing.
“He really did love me.” I watched him wishing I could hold him again, wishing I could kiss his lips and take in his scent. But all I could do was stand next to him feeling useless and stale. I turned to the woman, “Get me out of here.”

The cemetery wasn’t where I wanted to be; but my family was standing around watching a casket being lowered into the ground as the sun touched the trees in the early morning.
“It was a closed casket because your head injuries were too severe.” She whispered in my ear.
“Oh…I see.” I muttered, “I didn’t want to be here.”
“We all attend our funerals; it’s a type of closure.”
“Who are you?” I asked looking at her.
“You don’t know?”
I shook my head.
“I’m surprised you haven’t figure me out yet… you’re a smart person, Amy.”
“I don’t understand why you can see me and nobody else can, are you my guide?”
“Oh, sweetheart, I’m not your guide. You meet them after you’ve been through me.” She smiled, “But I do notice that you’re scared of me.”
“What are you?”

“I’m here for you, Amy… I’m your Reaper.” 


  1. Hauntingly and beautifully sad. Good job with this challenge. I like it a lot. :)

    1. So happy you've enjoyed it. I haven't had much of a mojo to work with in the past week as some lowlife out there broke into my car last week and I haven't had much inspiration to do much of anything.

      So, I really surprised myself with this piece.