Sunday, 20 July 2014

He's My Superman

It’s been a busy night for him.

And I sleep in my bed knowing he’s running around the city and the world keeping everything safe for us all.
Everyone loves him for saving their lives, for being there for when they need him, at the just the right time.
But what you don’t know, it can be lonely when I roll over and he’s not there for me to snuggle up to; when he’s off helping you people.  Yeah, he’s so caring and wonderful and has the most intense hearing I’ve ever come across.

But that can be a curse too.

I can’t plan a surprise party for him because he’ll hear me whispering about it to our friends.  Or he’ll see the note – and what’s written on it – when I hand it to our friends from across the room or across the street with that super sight he’s got.  Great stuff, but really that’s just cheating!  But I do love him.  There’s led, but you see lining envelopes with that stuff is not only expensive, but a damned nuisance for the postal system and courier services… so I’m better off telling him what’s going on and not keeping too many secrets from him.

Besides, he’s the most gentle man I’ve ever come across… but when I first met him, he easily destroyed the remote to my television by pressing the buttons on it.  No worries!  He managed to race out and replace it – and I mean race! – he was back in a gust of wind with a better remote with fresh batteries and it was ready to go before I could mourn the loss of the last one.

Dating a man like Superman has its perks… he’s well built, can move anything around the house (I mean moving house is a synch!  The removal guys sit back and just watch grinning that they don’t have to do any work and let Clark have all the fun).  Then, there’s gardening… he loves to uproot a tree once in a while… and planting one is just as much fun.  And yeah, we have the most gorgeous garden and there’s wasn’t a bulldozer in sight!
However there is a few worries on my mind about him – as there is with every woman who is in love with a super hero.  I constantly wonder if he will ever retire.  And will he look as distinguished as I think he will as he ages?  I hope so… I really do.
I often remember fondly the first time I saw him at Smallville High School.  He was on the school newspaper there, covering the sports pages.  The coach of the football team wanted him to try out, but Clark didn’t – he wasn’t interest, well, so he said.  We worked on a few articles together while the cheerleaders swooned over him and then I didn’t see much of him after that.
The next time I saw him was in university.  We had a few classes together and even then, we didn’t hang around with each other.  He did his thing – and it was then I noticed he did his vanishing act once in a while; and missed out big on the fun occasions – but then, I didn’t really have an interest in him.  By this time, his folks were getting on, and he was visiting them a lot… but then his Dad died.  This really hit him hard; and it was the first time I found out his was adopted.
I was working in Metropolis at The Globe when he showed up and started working for Mr White; and he remembered me!  Jeez, it had been about five years since we last saw each other, how did he remember me was beyond me, but then, he and I got together at the Christmas Party.  We’re both not really into crowds and so I found him outside in the freezing cold and we got talking, finding we had a lot in common.  Clark and I ended up chatting all night just inside the door, in a little corner, just hidden away enough to be private, and yet in view of everyone for nobody to start up gossip.

It’s been two years now, and we’re happy to live together, love together and enjoy each other’s lives.  I know his complete history and have been to his secret places on Earth – the place he built in the coldest area of the north – and he knows all my secrets too.

We’re happy.

I roll over as the moon has woken me up, to find his warm body is back in bed with me.  The safety of his arms cocoon me and I love his smell – but I do sense smoke in his hair of where he’s been, “Mmmm, hello there.” I whisper.
“Well hello there.” His voice mumbles close to my ear, “I missed you.” His mouth finds mine, “I tried to shower out the smell, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it.  You’re back safe with me, that’s all that matters.” I look into his eyes and see the soft silver there that nobody sees because they don’t get close enough to see it in the dark; otherwise to everyone else those eyes are an ocean blue.

Yes, he’s my Superman…

But then, he’s everyone’s Superman too…

He’s mine in a much different way. 

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