Sunday, 8 December 2013

Flash Fiction - 200 Words Part Three - The Contract

This week, it's part 3 of the Chuck Wendig flash fiction challenge.  This time I've had to pick somebody else's work yet again... thus isn't not Delmar's Fiddle... no, this one is called 'The Contract'.  Totally different genre too - sci-fi fantasy; something I used to write a million years ago! 

The link is above... just run you mouse over it, and you'll find it.  It's got part one in there too.  This link will take you straight to Urbanspaceman's site... a great writer.  He's very cool blogger in his own right too.

“How does five thousand sound?” his eyes flicked around the tavern uneasily, watching for any changes in the atmosphere.
Toops watched him carefully, knowing he would pay more if she kept quiet, “Who is after your sorry ass first, then we can see how much it’ll cost you.”
“Well…” he looked to the table, but before he could say anything else, the doors exploded inward with an explosion of light!  Four fireballs, lit the whole tavern into daylight as everyone seated fell to the floor.  Tables overturned and people scrambled for cover.  Toops didn’t fall when everyone did; instead she stood, spread her arms wide, hands open-palmed away from herself standing over her customer and their table where his body guard and I had crouched as well, “Dammit, they found me.” The man muttered.
I was so close to changing it wasn’t funny, but I had promised Toops I wouldn’t, “Exactly who did you cross?”
He looked at me horror filled his face.  My eyes were giving me away as to what I was, “Um…” he looked away without answering me.
“A Warlock.” His body guard said.
“Well, no shit.  Who?” I asked, “We need a name.”

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